The Guide to Retiring in Thailand in 2024

The Guide to Retiring in Thailand in 2024

We've compiled a list of compelling reasons why retiring in Thailand is a popular choice among individuals and couples, who want a fulfilling retirement in South East Asia.

This guide answers all the important questions about Thailand retirement, so you can confidently plan your move long before you get here.

So what's in the book?

  1. Reasons for retiring in Thailand
  2. Eligibility requirements
  3. Where to live
  4. How to rent a house or condo.
  5. Typical monthly cost of living.
  6. 90 Day reports
  7. Travelling outside of Thailand
  8. Bringing your family
  9. Importing cars/pets/household goods
  10. How to renew your visa
  11. Adapting into Thai culture

This is a must-have book you need to be able to prepare for your retirement in Thailand.