10 Must-Do Activities In The Northern Region For Creativity Enthusiasts!

For those who thrive on artistic inspiration and crave heart-pounding excitement, this guide shows you the best selection of the region's top must-do activities. From engaging in artistic workshops to experiencing adrenaline-pumping adventures.

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The following activities are a must-do on your journey up north.

Workshop DIY Silver Accessory

Explore the world of making things by joining a "DIY Silver Workshop." Here, you can learn from local artists how to do different crafts, like making beautiful fabrics and jewelry from silver. These workshops are not just fun and cultural, they also help local artists and keep old traditions alive.

Location : Originan cafe and Silver Workshop, Amphoe Pua, Nan

Culinary Adventures

"Khao Lam Pa Phen" is Nan province's first certified khao lam (sweet sticky rice in bamboo) that has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2015. Currently, it's being passed down from mother to child and is being adapted to fit the trends of the modern world. Every tourist visiting Nan province joins in the search for and indulgence in Khao Lam Paa Phen, a delectable treat. Moreover, visitors can also try making and learn the process of making khao lam themselves

Location : Khao Lam Pa Phen Pua, Nan

Rafting and Exploring Nature

Have an exciting adventure by going on a river rafting trip on the Wang River in Nan province. This fun activity happens in a big area of the river that's part of two national parks. The Wang River is a really cool place for river rafting in Thailand. It can be a bit easy or hard, from level 1 to 5. The river is easiest to raft during the hot season (February to May), a bit harder during the cooler months (November to February), and the hardest during the rainy season (May to October).

Location: Mae Charim National Park Mae Charim, Nan

Workshop Cake Painting

You should come have fun at a cake painting workshop! You'll get to use special edible paints to make cakes look amazing. Don't worry if you're not an artist – they'll show you how to do it step by step. It's like coloring, but on cakes! They'll help you make your cakes super pretty. Everyone can join, even if you're new to this. Get ready to have a good time decorating cakes and making them look awesome. Let's paint and make yummy art!

Location: Hours.story Muang, Chiangmai

Learn Umbrella Making in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, the cultural heart of northern Thailand, offers a unique opportunity to learn the art of umbrella making. This is a product that has been earning a reputation in Chiang Mai province for a long time. Tourists who travel to Chiang Mai usually have to spend some time visiting San Kamphaeng district to admire and choose to buy the famous handcrafted umbrellas made in Bo Sang village as souvenirs to bring back. Learn how to make colorful and pretty umbrellas step by step with expert artists. They'll show you how to create these special umbrellas, and you'll even get to make your own souvenir to take home and remember the experience.

Location : Bosan-Umbrella Sankamphaeng, Chiangmai

Elephant Riding and Responsible Tourism

Pang Mae Sa Elephant Camp is another famous tourist attraction in Chiang Mai province, especially popular among foreign tourists. This is because it's the largest elephant camp in the northern part of Thailand. At Pang Mae Sa Elephant Camp, you can enjoy activities such as the incredible elephant show, elephant riding to appreciate nature, and the elephant lifestyle village experience. You can learn about how elephants live and even get up close to them.

Location: Pang Mae Sa Elephant Camp Mae Rim, Chiangmai

Exploring Mae Pan Nature Study Trail

The Mae Pan Nature Study Trail is located around kilometer 43 of the road between Doi Inthanon's summit and Chom Thong, at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level. The Doi Inthanon National Park offers this trail as an opportunity for those interested to explore the forest, learn about nature, and see rare tree species like the 100-year roses, begonias, etc. Mae Pan is a spot to view sea mist and the beautiful sunrise. To access the trail, interested individuals need to contact local guides at the entrance to Mae Pan. Most of these guides are locals from the hill tribe villages. There's a fee of 200 baht per group (up to 10 people) for their service. The park prohibits walking the trail without a guide.

Location:  Doi Intanont National Park Jomthong, Chiangmai

Boiling Eggs in Hot Springs

Lampang, a town untouched by the rush of time, invites you to experience nature at Chae Son National Park, an area rich in lush forests, abundant water sources, and a variety of wildlife. A highlight here is the natural hot springs of Chae Son, which emerge from the earth itself. Don't miss the fun activities, such as boiling eggs in the mineral water, both chicken and quail eggs, and tasting the delicious egg salad made with these natural eggs. For those seeking relaxation, you can also enjoy a traditional Thai-style mineral water bath. Within the park, private onsen rooms are available, providing a serene environment surrounded by nature. Don't forget to pamper your skin by immersing yourself in this unique Thai-style onsen experience

Location : Chaeson National Park Pan, Lampang

Horse Carriage Rides Around Lampang City

In the past, horse carriages played a significant role in Lampang city. Known as "tuk-tuk horses," they used to pick up passengers from the train station and transport them to various parts of the city. These horse carriages were used to deliver packages from the train station to the post office, ferry students to school, transport goods for traders, and even carry the sick to the hospital. Today, some horse carriages are still in operation, catering to tourists. The provincial authority has designated a specific route for the horse carriages, particularly along the Wang River.

Location : Lampang Provincial Hall Muang, Lampang

Rediscover Tradition - Reverse Weave Cloth

“Mohom Pa Ngiam Learning Center" is a place to learn the art of making tie-dyed fabrics using natural dyes. The dyes are derived from indigenous plants such as the "hom" tree and "kram" tree. Visitors can discover the plants used for dyeing, learn about their cultivation, understand the process of preparing the "hom" tree bark for dyeing, and follow the steps to create beautiful patterns on fabrics. Participating in this ancient practice not only connects you with the region's cultural roots but also allows you to create beautiful and intricate textiles.

Location : Mohhompangiam Muang, Phrae

Traveling in northern Thailand is like going on a big adventure. You can learn about different cultures, try cool activities, eat tasty food, and see beautiful views. There are so many things to do here that will make your trip really memorable. No matter if you like history, nature, or food, northern Thailand has something awesome for everyone who wants to enjoy its special charm.

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