A Day of Nature and Local Wonders with "Kookkai" in Chiang Mai

Get ready for a day of laughter, adventure, nature therapy and local wonders in Chiang Mai! Meet our lively guide, Kookkai, who's here to turn your trip into a funny and memorable experience.

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Morning: Pang Chang Mae Sa

Meet Kookkai, your super excited guide in Chiang Mai, early at Pang Chang Mae Sa. Get ready for a wild start with elephants and cool nature stuff.

Next Stop : Mon Cham

Next, stick with Kookkai as she takes you to Mon Cham, a secret spot with amazing views. Let Kookkai spill the beans on local stories, making your trip super fun.

Midday: Khao Soi time

When your tummy growls, trust Kookkai to find you a yummy local spot for lunch. Dive into the flavors of Thai Khaosoi and other local food you can't miss.

Afternoon: Nimman Explorer

Afterward, follow Kookkai to the cool Nimman neighborhood. Check out funky cafes, and hear about the neighborhood's coolness. And guess what? Nimman is also a hotspot for the best aroma massage and spa – time to relax!

Evening: Dinner

As the day chills out, join Kookkai for dinner in a lively local spot. Nimman is full of surprises with lots of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Night: Beautiful Temples

To end your day, Kookkai takes you to the lit-up Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang. Listen to wild stories about these ancient temples and enjoy their beauty in the night sky.

With Kookkai leading the way, your one-day adventure becomes a funny journey full of local secrets and cool memories in the awesome city of Chiang Mai.

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