Do I need a visa to leave the airport in Singapore during a stopover while traveling from Australia to Phuket?

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Case Study: Transit Visa Requirement for Stopover in Singapore

Our client, an Australian resident, had planned a trip to Phuket, Thailand. As part of the travel itinerary, the client chose to have a stopover in Singapore and desired to leave the airport during this layover. However, there was a concern about the requirement of a visa to step out of the airport in Singapore. The information available online was found to be not user-friendly, thus prompting the client to seek our guidance on this matter.

Thai Kru's Assistance

Thai Kru was able to provide first-hand advice on this issue, as one of our team members had recently been in a similar situation. We informed the client that on arrival at Singapore's Changi Airport (SIN), there is a barcode they can scan at customs which is a straightforward process and takes no more than five minutes. This is part of Singapore's electronic arrival card process which replaces the traditional paper-based disembarkation/embarkation card.

In addition to this, it was also highlighted that our team member from the UK had to fill out a 'visiting pass' on their phone upon landing in Singapore and before proceeding through arrivals. This pass can be filled out either prior to the journey or at the airport, making it an easy and convenient process for travelers.


With the practical knowledge and experience of our team members at Thai Kru, we were able to assist and ease the client's concerns about the visa requirement for their layover in Singapore. We reassured them that there is a straightforward process in place for such situations, and there was no need for any additional stress.

At Thai Kru, we are committed to providing comprehensive travel support to all our clients. We take pride in helping them plan their travels and navigate through any issues they might face during their journey, ensuring their experience is smooth and enjoyable. Whether it's visa applications, securing travel arrangements, preparing itineraries, or finding accommodation, Thai Kru is here to help.

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