Everything You Wanted to Know about getting a Driver's License in Thailand

Obtaining a driver's license is an essential step for individuals planning to drive legally in a foreign country. In Thailand, acquiring a Thai driver's license is a requirement for those staying longer than 30 days.

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Tourists with the Thai 60-day visa have the wonderful opportunity to obtain a driving license in Thailand.It's a great chance for visitors to explore the country and its beautiful places. Getting a license allows you to travel independently and have amazing adventures on Thai roads. Thailand welcomes all tourists and wants to make sure they have a safe and enjoyable experience

When it comes to obtaining a Thai driver's license, the duration of your tourist visa plays a significant role. The regulations stipulate that individuals must stay in Thailand for more than 30 days to be eligible to apply for a driver's license. Specifically, if you hold a 60-day tourist visa, you meet the requirement and can proceed with the application process for a driving license in Thailand.

Required Documents

To begin the process of obtaining a driver's license in Thailand, there are several important documents you must possess:

  • Visa:
    Since visa exemption does not allow for obtaining a Thai driver's license, it is necessary to have a valid visa to apply.
  • Passport:
    Your passport serves as proof of identity and residency during the application process.
  • A Residency Certificate Translated into English:
    When applying for a driver's license in Thailand, one crucial document you'll need is a Residency Certificate translated into English. If your certificate is in a language other than English, it must be translated to facilitate the verification process. Obtaining this document from your embassy or the immigration office serves as proof that you are a resident of your country and aids in establishing your eligibility for a Thai driver's license.
  • Driving License from Your Home Country:
    If you possess a valid driving license from your home country, you may be eligible to exchange it for a Thai driver's license, with a training requirement of only one hour.
  • Training for Non-License Holders: Individuals without a driving license from their home country are required to complete five hours of training before obtaining a Thai driver's license.

Duration and Validity

Upon successfully obtaining a Thai driver's license, it is important to note that it is issued for a period of two years. It is essential to renew your license before it expires to ensure continuous legality while driving in Thailand.

International Driving License

If you hold an international driving license, the process of obtaining a Thai driver's license becomes simpler. Individuals with an international driving license are exempt from attending training and can directly exchange it for a Thai driver's license.

The Total Cost

When it comes to acquiring a Thai driving license, the combined cost of the test and the actual license amounts to 305 Baht for a 2 years temporary driving license.

Obtaining a driver's license in Thailand is a necessary step for individuals residing in the country for more than 30 days. By ensuring you possess the required documents, such as a valid visa, passport, Residency Certificate, and a driving license from your home country or an international driving license, you can navigate the process more smoothly. Whether you choose to exchange your existing license or undergo training, acquiring a Thai driver's license will provide you with the legal authorization to drive within the country.

If you have any more questions, Baansmile is here to be your trusted partner in the process of obtaining a Thai driver's license, ensuring that your journey on the road is both safe and legal.


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