Has the process for renewing the Guardian Visa at Phuket Immigration changed, including the requirements for a TM30 and new photo specifications?

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Case Study: Renewal Process for Guardian Visa at Phuket Immigration

The original case presented is of an individual who has an Extension named "Custody of Thai child" or commonly referred to as Guardian Visa. The individual holds sole custody of his two half-Thai children and is preparing for the renewal of his visa. This process usually involves a set routine of gathering necessary documents such as pictures, maps, kids' information and more. The individual is also familiar with conducting a video house walkthrough as part of the requirements.

Upon closer examination of the updated procedures on Phuket Immigration's official website, the process for renewing the Guardian Visa has indeed seen changes. The application must now be submitted within 30 days, which differs from the previous 45 days. There are also new photo requirements, which include two separate pictures of the father with the children inside two different rooms of the house.

When renewing other types of visas such as the retirement extension, the applicant discovered that there is now a computer outside where an immigration officer checks your documents. The first step they took was to confirm whether a TM30 was in the system. The applicant observed that individuals who did not have a TM30 completed were not allowed to proceed with their application. This check was repeated when applying for a multiple re-entry permit. Therefore, it's safe to assume that a TM30 would be required for a guardianship extension as well.

While this scenario pertains to retirement extension, it demonstrates that the immigration process is largely the same as in previous years, but with some additions and changes in protocol.

As a travel, retirement and relocation specialist at Thai Kru, we are equipped to help navigate these changes and assist in preparing for all aspects of visa applications and renewals. We keep abreast of any updates to immigration policies and requirements, ensuring smooth and hassle-free processes for our clients.

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