How to Get A China Visa

Planning on a journey to China? Securing a visa is a crucial step in your travel preparations. Fortunately, the process is straightforward and you are able to submit online for certain countries, and this blog post will guide you through the steps to obtain a China visa seamlessly.

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Step 1: Online Application

The first step is to visit the official website at to fill out the visa application form online. This user-friendly platform ensures a smooth initiation of your visa application process.

Step 2: Schedule Your Appointment

Upon successfully submitting your online application, you will receive an appointment. This step is crucial as it sets the stage for your in-person visit to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

Step 3: Visit the Chinese Visa Application Service Center

Print out the completed application form and make your way to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in your area. Remember, a physical visit is necessary to submit your documents and complete the application process.

Step 4: Document Preparation

Before heading to the center, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready for submission. The essential documents include:

  • Visa Application Form: Fill out the form either by hand or by printing it from the CVASC website, ensuring it's signed.
  • Passport: The latest version with a minimum of 6 months' validity, two blank visa pages, and a photocopy of the passport information page.
  • Flight Reservation Confirmation: Provide proof of round-trip flight reservations from Thailand to China and back within the specified travel period.
  • Hotel Reservation Confirmation: Book accommodation within China for the specified travel dates.
  • Passport Photos: Include the required number of passport-sized photos.

Step 5: Visa Collection Appointment

Upon completing the submission and payment, officials will provide you with a visa collection appointment. Typically, the processing time is a swift 4 business days, during which you can check the status online on the CVASC website.

Documents for Chinese Visa Application:

Essential Documents:

  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport
  • Passport photo
  • Flight Reservation Confirmation
  • Hotel Reservation Confirmation

Chinese Visa Fees:

  • Single Entry Tourist Visa: THB 1,500
  • Double Entry Tourist Visa: THB 2,500 (valid for two entries)
  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (6 months): THB 3,500

Note: Fees are subject to change; it's advisable to check the latest information before applying.

Prepared with the right documents and by following these straightforward steps, you're well on your way to navigating the Chinese visa application process. Bon voyage, and enjoy your adventure in China!

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