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How To Rent A Condo In Bangkok?
Did you know that anyone can easily rent a condo in Bangkok without any restrictions or special visas? Condos in Bangkok are not only accessible but also budget-friendly, providing a cost-effective alternative to hotels, especially for frequent visitors to Thailand. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of renting a condo in Bangkok.
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Step 1: Choose Your Ideal Neighborhood

Selecting the right neighborhood is crucial, as it greatly influences your overall experience. Consider whether you prefer an expat-friendly area, diverse food options, extensive shopping choices, or a truly Thai neighborhood. Your transportation preferences, whether by car or public transport like BTS, MRT, or taxis, should also be factored in. Tailor your choice based on your lifestyle for the best condo living experience.

Step 2: Search for Condos

Utilize popular condo listing websites such as Hipflat,, and However, be cautious as the information on these sites may be outdated. Condos in Bangkok get rented quickly, and listings may not be promptly removed. To overcome this challenge, using Thai Kru is recommended, as the listings provided are up-to-date, increasing your chances of securing the desired condo.

Step 3: Negotiate the Price

When you find a condo you like, don't hesitate to negotiate the price. It's a common practice in Thailand, and you might even get a better deal by speaking directly with the owner. If language barriers arise, Thai Kru can assist in negotiating and translating, making the process smoother for you.

Step 4: Finalize the Deal

Once you've selected the right neighborhood, found the perfect condo, and negotiated the price, it's time to seal the deal. The lease contract will be sent to you via email for remote signing. Be prepared to pay 2 months' deposit and 1 month's rent upfront. Keep a copy of the signed contract both digitally and physically, as you may need it for various official purposes.

Step 5: Paying Rent from Afar

You have 2 options:

  • Wire Transfer: Request the owner's SWIFT or IBAN code along with their account number, and initiate the transfer a few business days before the due date. Be aware that wire transfers typically take 2-5 days to process.
  • Wise (formerly TransferWise): Opting for Wise is a recommended choice. With Wise, you can transfer funds directly to the owner's bank account, and it is favored for its lower fee structure compared to other options.

Explore options for paying rent from abroad. Consider using wire transfer or services like Wise for a hassle-free and cost-effective experience. Avoid relying on cash payments, especially if you're not frequently meeting the owner in person.

Step 6: Managing Fees and Utilities

Most utility bills and fees will likely be in the owner's name. You can pay electricity and water bills online or at local stores like 7-11, Big C, or Lotus. Internet setup is your responsibility, requiring online payment. Condo fees are usually covered by the owner, but the arrangement may vary and can be negotiated in the contract.

Step 7: Interacting with the Juristic Office

Establish a positive relationship with the Juristic Office, which acts as the condo management office. They handle package deliveries, fee payments, maintenance requests, and enforce condo rules. Building a rapport with them can enhance your condo living experience.

Step 8: Visa Procedures and Entering Thailand

Visa Applications:

  • When applying for visas, you'll need to show your lease agreement. Get the ID details from the owner or manager of the condo. No need to book hotels; your condo is your home base.

TM30 System:

  • The owner must record your stay in the TM30 system at immigration. This is important for official records.

Renting a condo in Thailand as a foreigner is entirely feasible and flexible. However, it's essential to note that having a condo doesn't grant special visa privileges; the right visa is still required. If you're interested in renting a condo, just contact us. We will provide you with a tailored shortlist, assist with negotiations, show them to you virtually or in person in Bangkok or Pattaya and even help with the move-in process. We are ready in every step to find your best place to stay in Thailand!

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