Why not remote work in Thailand??

So you have the green light to work at home anywhere in the world. Here's why you should go to Thailand.

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Your bosses finally gave you the approval to work from home.

But why stay there?

Studies show that from the moment you set foot in an unfamiliar place, you get flooded with a new language, culture, scenes. And in order to process all this stimuli, you start to "train" your brain like a muscle.

All that brain training it turns out, is amazing for your work too.

New connections are setup which allow you to solve new problems, discover new insights and do more work in less time, leaving you time to enjoy your life just a little bit more.

So why not escape from home?

Thailand is the perfect place to spend 3 months, 6 months or 9 months.

And it might be just the jump start you need after a gruelling 2 years locked up at home in quarantine.

We'll help you get the right visa to spend this essential time away from home. With a 100% success rate, and "pay when completed", we cut away all the complexity and leave you time to plan and enjoy.

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