Thailand Elite Visa Prices Go Up

Big Changes to Thailand Elite Visa. We've got news to share regarding the Thailand Elite Visa program, now called ''Thailand Privilege Cards.'' There have been updates to the membership packages, and yes, the prices have increased nearly 2 times along with the benefits and privileges. Let’s look into the details that have been released!

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When Does the Thailand Privilege Card Program Launch?

The Thailand Privilege card program is scheduled to start on October 1, 2023.

Thailand Privilege Membership Package

1. Gold Membership

  • Validity: 5 years
  • Cost: 900,000 THB
  • Supplementary Membership Card : No
  • Privilege Points: 20 points per year

If you're seeking a taste of luxury and convenience, the Gold Membership might be the perfect fit. With annual health checkups, spa and golf privileges, airport transfers, premium lounge access, and VIP seating at leading movie theaters, you'll experience Thailand like never before.

2. Platinum Membership

  • Validity: 10 years
  • Cost: 1,500,000 THB
  • Supplementary Membership Card : 1,000,000 THB (Can be shared with the Primary Membership Card)
  • Privilege Points: 35 points per year

For a longer-lasting commitment to luxury, the Platinum Membership offers an extended validity period. Enjoy benefits like premium lounge access, VIP seating at movie theaters, birthday gifts, seasonal events, golf and spa privileges, and more.

3. Diamond Membership

  • Validity: 15 years
  • Cost: 2,500,000 THB
  • Supplementary Membership Card : 1,500,000THB (Can be shared with the Primary Membership Card)
  • Privilege Points: 55 per year

Take your experience up a notch with the Diamond Membership, which includes extraordinary shopping experiences, co-working spaces, complimentary domestic flights, free nights at hotels, special insurance packages, and exclusive access to networking events.

4. Reserve Membership

  • Validity: 20 years
  • Cost: 5,000,000 THB
  • Supplementary Membership Card : 2,000,000THB (Can be shared with the Primary Membership Card)
  • Privilege Points: 120 per year
  • Requirements: available only through invitation to a select few

The Reserve Membership is the epitome of exclusivity, available only through invitation to a select few. This elite package offers personalized concierge services, priority services, the chance to test drive supercars, and much more.

More Choice, More Freedom

Thailand Privilege membership grants access to a wide range of lifestyle perks:

  • Stay: Enjoy free hotel nights, dining discounts, and real estate partner perks.
  • Travel: Benefit from VIP greetings, airport transfers, lounges, car rentals, and special travel deals.
  • Leisure: Access personal shopping assistants, entertainment perks, sporting event discounts, and concert access.
  • Health & Wellbeing: Golf, spa, fitness benefits, health and dental checkups, and aesthetic clinic perks.
  • Wealth: Receive advisory services on health and investment, network at special events, and access exclusive insurance packages.

Redeeming Privilege Points

As a Thailand Privilege member, you'll earn Privilege Points that can be redeemed for various benefits:

  • 1 Point: Get 2-for-1 movie tickets, hotel fitness access, complimentary hotel nights or dining, airport transfers, health and spa packages, and dining discounts.
  • 2 Points: Redeem for golf course packages, VIP sports tournament tickets, luxury car airport transfers, dental services, and health check packages.
  • 3 Points: Use points for domestic airline tickets (round trips), world-class concert and event tickets, private tours, long-haul airport transfers, and wellness packages.

Who Can Benefit from the Thailand Privilege Card Program?

The Thailand Privilege Card Program caters to a diverse range of individuals, including those who currently hold the Elite Visa card and wish to transition to the new program, as well as newcomers looking to apply for the first time. Applicants typically belong to one of the following four categories:

  • Investors: Individuals seeking investment opportunities in Thailand.
  • Digital Nomads: Those who work remotely and have the flexibility to live and work from Thailand.
  • Thailand Expats: Foreign residents already living in Thailand or planning to relocate.
  • Retirees: Individuals looking for a peaceful and enjoyable retirement in Thailand.

Is 90-Day Reporting Still Required with a Thailand Privilege Card?

Regrettably, it seems that 90-day reporting remains a mandatory requirement even under the new Thailand Privilege Card program. The positive aspect is that members can receive assistance with their 90-day reporting through the Thailand Privilege Card program

Application Process

Kindly await the official announcement on October 1st when the application form will be made available. The process includes completing the form and undergoing a background check. The entire application procedure typically spans 1-3 months.

Ready to unlock a world of privileges and luxury experiences in Thailand? Consider a Thailand Privilege membership and enjoy the best that Thailand has to offer. Reach out to us for additional requirements, questions, or assistance.

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