Retirement Visa Police and Medical Checks - How to get them

Whenever the subject of "Criminal Background Check" or "Medical Report" comes up in connection to Thailand Retirement Visas, everyone's heart beats faster. But in truth, getting these are very easy and doing so can save you significantly. Read on to find out how!

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Applying for your Thai Retirement Visa in your home country is actually very easy and cheaper than doing it in Thailand.

For one, you can just get a statement and letter from your bank showing you are getting a regular pension of at least 65,000 THB, or indeed you already 800,000 THB or equivalent in your bank account already.

The real reason why most people avoid it, is because of the Police / Criminal Background Check and the required Medical Report.

But actually, it's quite fast, cheap and easy to get both.

Medical Report

Just click to downlod the medical report form and take it to your local doctor, medical lab or hospital to get these medical tests. 

They need tests for Leprosy, Tubercolosis, Elephantitis, Drug Addiction and Third step of Syphillis. So if you have nothing major this should be a breeeze and any hospital in your country can do this test.

They should sign the form and return it to you. Then you can scan and upload it. Done!

Police Background Check

Most countries make it quite easy for you to request a police clearance report (or background check) online. 

You should not worry about minor crimes such as shoplifting when a teen, parking tickets, etc. The Thai government is going to raise eyebrows if you had a history of violent crime, drugs, major theft and so on.

You can then get the report by email, or postal mail in as little as a few days or at most a few weeks.

United States

You can request a background check from your state, or from the FBI. Use the online form to request it if you are in the USA. You can even request it from outside the USA by fingerprinting yourself.
Request your FBI Background Check

United Kingdom (UK)

In the United Kingdom you can request a Police Certificate which is similar to the FBI Background check. It shows if you have a criminal history in the United Kingston. It's also an online process and you should get your report in a few weeks.
Request your UK Background Check


In Australia, you request a National Police Certificate (NPC) which is a record of any criminal activity nationwide. Australia is pretty quick and can deliver your report to you by email in a few days.
Request your Australian Background Check


In Canada, the RCPM can provide you a Criminal Background Check. You can apply for this both inside or outside of Canada. If you are inside canada, you would go to your local police service to submit the application. If there are no issues, you should receive your report in 3 business days.
Request your Canadian/RCMP Background Check

Here is a longer list for more countries:

Once you have your medical check and police report, it becomes easier than every to quickly apply for and receive your Thailand Retirement Visa from your home country.

Contact us to help you get your Retirement Visa in your own home country.

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