List of Baan Smile Assistant Services

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Here are just some of the things that your assistant can help you with

Visa and Immigration

  • Provide immigration and visa assistance.
  • Assist in visa application and documentation.
  • Facilitate visa extensions and renewals.
  • Guide through the process of obtaining a retirement visa.
  • Help with work permit application and procedures.
  • Advise on non-immigrant visas for business purposes.
  • Keep clients updated on immigration policies.
  • Assist with obtaining an international driving permit.
  • Provide support in navigating local bureaucracy.
  • Assist in registering with embassies or consulates.

Pre-Arrival and Orientation

  • Arrange airport pickup and transportation.
  • Offer city orientation tours.
  • Assist in finding suitable accommodation.
  • Help with setting up utilities and services.
  • Provide information on local customs and etiquette.
  • Assist in opening a bank account.
  • Organize guided tours to local attractions.
  • Help with obtaining a Thai driver's license.
  • Assist in renting or purchasing a vehicle.
  • Recommend useful mobile apps.

Health and Well-being

  • Recommend local healthcare providers.
  • Assist in obtaining health insurance.
  • Arrange appointments with English-speaking doctors.
  • Offer insights into wellness and holistic health.
  • Plan wellness retreats and activities.
  • Connect clients with local fitness centers.
  • Assist in finding wellness services and spas.
  • Provide information on mental health resources.
  • Arrange medical check-ups and screenings.
  • Help with prescription medication needs.

Property Services

  • Assist with property rental or purchase.
  • Help with property management and maintenance.
  • Arrange property viewings and negotiations.
  • Offer information on property laws and regulations.
  • Plan home improvement and renovation services.
  • Assist in finding reliable property agents.
  • Provide insights into real estate market trends.
  • Organize property tax payment services.
  • Offer advice on property rental agreements.
  • Assist in dealing with property disputes.

Cultural and Social Integration

  • Organize cultural events and activities.
  • Plan social meetups and networking events.
  • Recommend local hobby clubs and groups.
  • Introduce clients to local festivals and celebrations.
  • Arrange language exchange and workshops.
  • Offer information on local art and music scenes.
  • Assist in finding expat and social communities.
  • Connect clients with expat-friendly venues.
  • Provide insights into expat lifestyle adjustment.
  • Organize intercultural dialogue events.

Business and Professional Services

  • Assist in setting up a business entity.
  • Plan networking events and seminars.
  • Provide insights into Thai business culture.
  • Help with business registration and licenses.
  • Offer advice on tax implications for businesses.
  • Organize business workshops and training.
  • Connect clients with local business partners.
  • Arrange introductions to industry associations.
  • Recommend professional services and consultants.
  • Assist in drafting legal contracts and agreements.

Entertainment and Leisure

  • Plan beach getaways and excursions.
  • Recommend entertainment venues and events.
  • Organize outdoor activities and adventures.
  • Offer information on local sports clubs.
  • Arrange guided tours to historical sites.
  • Provide insights into cultural performances.
  • Assist in booking tickets for shows and concerts.
  • Plan visits to local theaters and cinemas.
  • Recommend local gaming and leisure centers.
  • Organize family-friendly outings and activities.

Local Services and Lifestyle

  • Assist in setting up home Wi-Fi and connectivity.
  • Recommend local vendors and services.
  • Help with utility bill payments and admin tasks.
  • Offer advice on recycling and eco-friendly practices.
  • Organize shopping excursions and fashion services.
  • Provide insights into local fashion and style.
  • Arrange visits to local markets and street food stalls.
  • Plan culinary experiences and cooking classes.
  • Assist in finding reliable household help and services.
  • Offer information on local transportation options.

* Note our services do not include fees or charges by immigration services or other entities.

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