Dating in Thailand? Here's why you should use Matchmaking instead

So you thought Matchmaking services were dead. Especially in Thailand. But Bangkok Matching begs to differ. Read on to find why using a Matchmaking service is so much better than the dating apps in 2024.

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Today, Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s longest running high-end matchmaking and Thailand dating company, would like to delve into the reasons why matchmaking services in Thailand continue to thrive in today’s era, where online dating apps play a significant role and have transformed societal dating behaviors. While online dating apps offer convenience, allowing anyone to find a partner without leaving their homes, the convenience comes with inherent risks.

Consider the fact that in reality, we all have instances where we need to deceive, perhaps unnecessarily, to present ourselves in a favorable light or simply to survive. Then, ponder whether the online world offers nothing but absolute truthfulness.

According to research by GitNux in 2024, Stanford University in 2009, and several other studies, the accuracy of online profiles and user appearances ranges from only 10% to 47%. Furthermore, a study titled ‘Why do people lie online?’ in 2016 found that only 16–32% of online users admitted to communicating honestly. Most users of dating apps also believe that those they interact with do not provide entirely truthful information. Deception poses a significant concern that users of dating apps must be wary of, as the advantages of these apps can easily turn into drawbacks. While they offer vast options and the opportunity to meet diverse people, this diversity also includes unprofessional matchmakers, scammers, and spammers who take advantage of vulnerable individuals seeking genuine love.

Why Bangkok Matching’s matchmaking services remain popular in the era of online dating apps in Thailand.

And here are the five reasons why high-end matchmaking company Bangkok Matching continues to thrive in an era where the general public is interested in using dating apps.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

One of the reasons why Bangkok Matching remains popular is due to its reputation for trustworthy and secure handling of clients’ personal information. With fewer users compared to dating app users, the company can better manage and safeguard data, ensuring a more organized and controlled environment. This reduces concerns about data breaches or unauthorized use of personal information. Bangkok Matching establishes legally binding agreements with its members regarding data usage from the moment they sign up, ensuring accountability and legal compliance.

Genuine and Established User Base

Clients who use Bangkok Matching’s matchmaking services are typically genuine individuals with stable socioeconomic backgrounds and successful careers. The company’s stringent selection process ensures that only suitable candidates are accepted, enhancing the quality and authenticity of matches. Through thorough verification procedures, including background checks and documentation verification, Bangkok Matching assures members that profiles are genuine, accurate, and representative of their true selves.

Tailored and Personalized Matchmaking Service

Bangkok Matching stands out  in the online dating era by offering a personalized matchmaking experience tailored to each client’s specific preferences and requirements. Unlike dating apps where anyone can sign up, Bangkok Matching selectively accepts individuals whom the company believes can be matched successfully. This approach ensures compatibility based on personality traits, lifestyle, and appearance. Moreover, the company provides guidance and support throughout the dating process, ensuring meaningful connections and successful outcomes.

Time-Efficient Approach

Many clients of matchmaking services, particularly those with busy lifestyles such as high-ranking professionals or business executives, value the time-saving aspect of using a matchmaking service. Unlike the prolonged and often tedious process of swiping through profiles on dating apps, Bangkok Matching efficiently connects compatible individuals based on pre-defined criteria. This eliminates the need for extensive searching and allows clients to focus on meaningful interactions with potential matches, reducing the time and effort required.

Ethical Matchmaking Practices

Bangkok Matching adheres to strict ethical standards in matchmaking, focusing on what clients are looking for. The company avoids conflicts of interest and ensures that clients receive personalized attention without overlapping or conflicting matches. This contrasts with the common issue of overlapping matches and infidelity encountered in dating apps. Bangkok Matching’s commitment to ethical matchmaking fosters trust and confidence among its clients, ensuring a positive and successful matchmaking experience.

Overall, Bangkok Matching’s high-end matchmaking services offer a secure, personalized, and efficient alternative to traditional dating apps, catering to individuals seeking genuine and meaningful connections in a time-efficient manner.

3 Cautions to Consider When Using Dating Apps

Important reminders when using dating apps include being wary of various forms of deception. It’s crucial to be vigilant while using dating apps. The media often warns everyone about three main aspects:

1. Beware of Deception

Being deceived by individuals on dating apps is a common occurrence, with many cases reported. There’s no guarantee that such incidents will decrease. Reports in Thailand have highlighted instances where people have been physically harmed or robbed after meeting someone through a dating app. Some have even lost their lives. Even reputable sources have recently issued warnings regarding the dangers of online dating, emphasizing the importance of data security, trusting individuals, and being cautious about anything that progresses too quickly or seems too good to be true. This heightened concern is due to the high incidence of deception on dating apps, affecting both teenagers and adults who fall prey to deceitful individuals or malicious intents.

2. Third-party Complications

Even if one doesn’t fall victim to deception or lose property, they may become entangled as a third party in relationships without realizing it. When we meet others through dating apps, we often cannot discern if the other person is truly single or already in a relationship. If one isn’t careful and becomes too emotionally invested without fully understanding the situation, they might end up as the “other person” in a relationship, leading to emotional turmoil. This can escalate into serious issues, as seen in numerous media reports, due to the intense emotions involved. It’s crucial not to play with fire, as it’s not worth risking one’s safety and well-being.

3. Unnoticed Subscription Charges

In addition to being wary of user deception, users must also be cautious of subscription charges that may go unnoticed. Particularly, middle-aged individuals who aren’t very tech-savvy might assume that deleting the app terminates any associated charges. However, forgetting to cancel various payment subscriptions before deleting the app can result in continued charges, as deleting the app doesn’t cancel the service. Many users unknowingly lose significant amounts of money this way without receiving any benefits in return.

In today’s landscape, dating app memberships often come with enticing offers, such as free premium features for the first seven days. However, after this trial period, continuous subscription charges may not be clearly communicated at the time of signing up. Additionally, the UX/UI design may be intentionally confusing. Therefore, users must exercise caution when dating apps offer seemingly free special deals.

Beware of the professional scams lurking within online dating apps. Both surveys and news, both domestically and internationally, constantly emphasize the risks of losing money, property, or even one’s life due to careless use of dating apps. Trusting too much can lead to regret later on.

Therefore, for those seeking genuine love and a stable relationship, matchmaking agencies are another suitable option. Our high-end matchmaking company, Bangkok Matching, offers short and long-term packages, including putting your profile into our single database membership options for our high-end clients to select. We carefully select matches for you and provide genuine matchmaking and dating services backed by extensive experience. Investing in a matchmaking company like Bangkok Matching, ensure experiences that differ significantly from those of dating apps, making it a worthwhile investment.

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