Baan Smile has changed its name. Here's why...

Baan Smile has changed its YouTube channel, website and names to "Thai Kru". Read more to find out what this means and how things are going to get waayyyy better for you...

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The soul of Thai Kru was always to help people learn more about Thailand.

So you can have the most excellent time in Thailand.

You've seen that in our Youtube videos, our blog posts and the advice we give to you in consultation sessions. But now we also want to be your travel guide, your cultural teacher and your Thailand Guru. So "Thai Kru" was born.

So what are some of the changes happening?

Your Travel Guru

Thailand is a big country with a whole lot of culture! And sometimes if you make a mistake, if can affect the tone of your stay here - long or short time. We help you figure out all the best choices for flights, hotels, tours, visas, things to do and places to go.

Services are now split into your intent. For example people generally want a trip less than 30 days, up to 3 months, a year, or even retire in Thailand.

And we are expanding to Vietnam and Bali soon!!

Your Guide

We've just started our City Guide service. Now you can hire a city guide for a day (or more) in Chaing Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket. From picking you up at the airport, taking you to the best street food spots, or going with you on an exciting rooftop bar or pub crawl, choose the right city guide for your adventures and have the best time, whereever you might go, in Thailand.

Your Assistant

And finally, Thai Kru is also your trusted teacher, assistant, friend and lifeline in Thailand. If you're not in the kingdom, we can be your eyes, ears and hands on the ground. And when you're here, if you need something, you can always call us.

Here's some of the things we've actually done...

  • We've helped people who were stuck in the hospital.
  • Saved people a ton of money.
  • Planned the best side trips to other countries in the region.
  • Got people their drivers license
  • Helped buy cars and motorbikes
  • Organized border runs
  • Negotiated the best rental deals for condos and houses
  • Travelled with our clients to Immigration
  • And many other things that we cannot talk about here.

We have an awesome team, who is ready to serve you, regardless of where you come from, or however long you are staying in Thailand, Vietnam or Bali.

See you on the other side!
Ericson Smith

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