Top 10 side trips less than 2 hours from Bangkok

"My flight back is tomorrow, and I only have one day. I'd like to do something not too far from Bangkok. Any suggestions?" Don't worry, there are a lot of beautiful natural and cultural spots near Bangkok that can create wonderful memories for you before you head back.

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1. Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal, Ayutthaya: Ancient city

The only elephant camp situated within a World Heritage site is the former Krom Phra Khachaban, nestled in the heart of Ayutthaya city island. It offers services for tourists to enjoy elephant rides while visiting historical sites, starting from the City Pillar Shrine to Bueng Phra Ram. Visitors can also witness elephant shows and engage in activities like passing under an elephant's belly, taking photos, and feeding the elephants. Additionally, everyone has the opportunity to explore the ancient city's historic views.

2. Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima 

Khao Yai National Park, with the highest natural abundance in Thailand, is a popular destination for both Thai and foreign visitors. It's conveniently located near Bangkok yet offers a natural experience comparable to more remote parks. The park features various natural tourism routes, allowing visitors to choose according to their interests and available time. It's definitely a top choice for a one-day trip.

3. The Bridge of the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi: A Historical Place that the World will Never Forget.

Kanchanaburi, an easily accessible destination near the capital, offers convenience whether you're traveling by car or train. The single train line to Sai Yok Noi Waterfall Station provides a relaxing journey through beautiful natural surroundings. Along the way, you'll pass the historic landmark, the Bridge over the River Kwai. Stroll along the riverbank to enjoy the cool breeze, savor local cuisine, and shop for souvenirs. You can then catch the same train back to Bangkok, making it a convenient and exciting experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

4. Bueng Chawak, Suphanburi: the Deepest Diagonal Fish Tunnel in Thailand.

This place features a vast pond showcasing a diverse range of aquatic animals, including both a zoo zone and an aquatic animal zone. If you're traveling with your family, it's an ideal one-day outing. The expansive and shaded pond provides a beautiful and relaxing setting for a picnic. Moreover, the large fish tunnels are exquisitely designed and truly stunning, showcasing a diverse range of both freshwater and saltwater fish. These tunnels also feature captivating underwater simulations from various countries, making it the widest fish tunnel in the world.

5. Amphawa Floating Market: A Local's Delight

At the Amphawa Canal, you'll find merchants rowing boats to sell food and drinks, including Thai desserts, grilled seafood, boat noodles, pad Thai, fried oysters, stuffed snacks, banana treats, and much more. In addition to experiencing the charming Thai way of life, it can be said that this place is also a paradise for food enthusiasts. Moreover, the way of life of the villagers in Amphawa has retained its original form to preserve the authentic culture. Many tourists, including Thais, are drawn to this destination because it offers a glimpse of a less hectic, city life and a chance to experience an older way of life that people may otherwise forget.

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6. Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakhon Pathom: The Tallest Stupa in the World

Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, is another significant historical tourist attraction, drawing Buddhists who come to pay their respects and seek blessings on priceless sacred relics. Moreover, in the evening, the area around the Buddha image features numerous restaurants for you to choose from for a delightful meal. This Stupa is significant not only for Buddhists but also embodies the spirit of the local people. When you visit , you'll witness the resilient way of life of the surrounding villagers and be delighted by the delicious cuisine of Nakhon Pathom.

7. Khao Chong Lom, Nakhon Nayok

To reach Khao Chong Lom, one must take a boat ride from Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam, Nakhon Nayok's renowned large dam surrounded by abundant nature, encompassing mountains, forests, and waterways. The weather is exceptionally pleasant, allowing you to inhale fresh air and rejuvenate. You can take leisurely strolls and relax while immersing yourself in the natural surroundings. It is one of the wishlist for a 1 day trip for Thai tourists.

8. The Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya: Remarkable New Landmark

The Sanctuary of Truth, situated at Laem Ratchawet, is a remarkable new landmark. This entire wooden structure was painstakingly crafted using ancient joinery techniques, without the use of a single nail. Its wonderful architecture left everyone in awe when walking up to the viewpoint, overlooking the expansive wooden castle surrounded by the sea. And if you step inside, you'll be even more impressed, as the walls and ceiling are adorned with intricate traditional Thai hand carvings.

9. Maniwong Temple, Nakhon Nayok: The Amazing Temple

Maniwong Temple is an ancient temple with a history spanning hundreds of years. It stands out for its exquisite architecture and the grandeur of thousands of Nagas. It's safe to say that anyone who believes in Nagas should visit this temple. Additionally, within the temple grounds, you'll find a spacious area covering more than 7 rai, featuring chapels, viharas, and various Buddha statues. The highlight is the Rattanamanee Mahanakorn Underwater Palace, also known as the Naga Palace. It is believed that those who seek blessings from the Nagas will receive their benevolence, leading to a prosperous and successful life in every aspect.

10. Koh Larn, Chonburi: A miracle of the Gulf of Thailand. 

It is a convenient and popular island destination for 1 day trip, just 7 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya. With its pristine waters for swimming and a range of thrilling marine adventures, it's a top choice for travel enthusiasts. Don't miss the stunning panoramic views from Khao Nom Viewpoint, the island's most beautiful vantage point. The way to get around the island is easy, there are motorbike rentals and mini buses that cover every corner so that you can spend time there with the miracle moment.

These top 10 side trips offer a diverse range of experiences, from historical wonders to natural beauty and local culture. Whether you're seeking tranquility or adventure, these destinations within a two-hour drive from Bangkok have something for everyone. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and discover the incredible treasures waiting just beyond the city limits of Thailand's vibrant capital.

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