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We are lucky to be living in a time when our jobs can be done remotely. The current Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses around the world to shut down their offices and allow employees to work remotely from home. Remote working as a result of the pandemic also gave birth to a new trend of people traveling to exotic destinations around the world and working remotely. All you need is an internet connection to be able to work from home or anywhere else you desire. Home internet services in Thailand generally provides good quality connections and fast speeds and According to Thailand post, Thailand has jumped 19 places compared to a year ago in a global digital wellbeing study and ranks 44th out of 110 countries when ranked according to 5 criteria namely internet quality, affordability, e-infrastructure, e-security and e-government. Thailand excelled in internet quality, ranking in at 19th, while it was ranked comparatively low in other criteria. However, according to the Speedtest Global Index, Thailand currently ranks 8th with a mean broadband speed of 223.72 Mbps, which is much faster than most western countries. The United States ranks 13th place with mean speeds of around 207 Mbps, the United Kingdom ranks 48th place at 104 Mbps, Australia ranks 59th at only 82.58 Mbps and Germany ranks at 35th with 138 mbps. If you plan on moving to Thailand, you do not have to worry about home internet speeds at all, as it is very likely that the speeds you will have access to is faster than in your home country.

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Top internet service providers in Thailand

AIS Fibre

AIS fiber is the home broadband offering from Thailand's largest private telecommunications company. It is purely based on fiber optic technology, which has much higher capabilities than the traditional ADSL technology that has been phased out. AIS Fibre also provides new advancements such as SuperMESH Wi-Fi and Speed Toggle, providing customers with the best signal and customization possible. You cannot go wrong with choosing AIS fibre for your broadband needs, especially if you need the fastest speeds possible. Prices for AIS Fibre starts at 399 THB (12 USD) per month offering 300 mbps download and upload speeds as a special offer which was increased from 100 mbps. Prices rise up to 999 THB (30 USD) per month for 1gbps and two SuperMESH Wi-Fi routers providing even better connection. The sweet spot is the broadband 24 package for 599 THB (18 USD) which has a speed of 500 mbps download and upload as well as a special 24 hr installation service and aftercare with an overdrive function which allows you to toggle the speed up to 1000 mbps download and 300 mbps upload speed. The data for all AIS Fibre packages are unlimited and the only difference between them is the network download/upload speeds and add-on services. There is also a promotional entry fee of 800 THB (24 USD) from the usual 2,000 THB (60 USD) which you will have to pay at the beginning. And the wiring installation fee of 4,800 THB (144 USD) will be waived if you sign a 24-month contract. So technically, if you wish to install the AIS Fibre broadband, you will only be required to pay the entry fee and the monthly package fee.

True Online

True Online is one of the leading telecommunications providers in Thailand, especially for home broadband services. Unlike AIS, they offer various technologies such as ADSL 2+, VDSL2, cable modem and Fiber optics. True Online specializes in providing a diverse offering using different technologies such as offering True Wi-Fi access in public places for those who work in cafés on top of the home broadband service so that customers will always be connected, even when they decide to work in their favorite spot as well as offering their 4G network to make sure you have access to the internet on-the-go as well. One of the most popular packages is the online special package which offers 300 mbps download and upload speed, 5 GB of 4G data at a maximum speed of 300 mbps for 399 THB (12 USD) per month. There are also special privileges on offer that also provides you with free installation, free modem and repeater and free access to True H Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. For more advanced users, the GIGATEX SMART PLUS package is very handy, and it starts from 699 THB (21 USD) per month for 1gbps download and 200 mbps upload all the way to 1gbps download and 500 mbps upload and 10 GB of 4G data on top. All the prices mentioned above offer a promotion providing free installation and wiring, a reduction on entry fee from 2,000 THB to 890 THB, Free GIGATEX router rental (for GIGATEX Packages) and free True H Wi-Fi hotspot access around the country. The sweet spot is the base GOGATEX SMART PLUS package, offering 1mbps download and GIGATEX fiber router rental for 699 a month.


3BB is a very well known internet service provider in Thailand, and they specialize in broadband internet service. They currently have the largest network coverage in Thailand, offering more than 80,000 free Wi-Fi locations across the country. 3BB’s internet service also comes with cloud storage service in Bangkok. They offer ADSL2+, VDSL, leased line and FTTH technology. Their signature high-speed internet package is the GIGAFIBER with all the tiers offering 1gbps download speeds. The base GIGAFIBER package starts at 590 THB (17.70 USD) with 100mbps upload speed and includes a Wi-Fi 6 enabled router for rental free of charge. The price of the GIGAFIBER goes up to 1,200 THB (36 USD) a month for 1gbps upload and download speeds. The sweet spot is the 700 THB (21 USD) a month GIGAFIBER package, which offers 500mbps upload speeds.


TOT is also one of the most well-known and longstanding internet broadband service providers in Thailand,, and they are state-owned. The service area coverage is huge,, but customer service may be an issue as it is a state-owned company and there are not many physical outlets available for customer service as compared to privately owned companies such as AIS and True. Their most popular package is the TOT fiber-2-u package which offers internet speeds ranging from 250-1000mbps and free fiber optic wiring installation as well as free router rental if you sign up for a one-year contract. The starting package offers 1gbps download and 100mbps for 590 THB (17.70 USD) with free installation and wiring as well as router rental if you sign up for a one-year contract. The sweet spot is the 1gbps download and 500mbps upload for 700 THB (21 USD) per month.


How to order home internet to your condo?

Before you choose your package, you should check if your location has fiber optic capabilities or not, in some cases you will have to contact more than one broadband company in order to find the one that has service coverage in your apartment. In order to order internet to your condo, you can check the packages from different companies on their websites to find the one that best suits your needs, after that you can apply online through their websites in which case you will have to submit documents through the Line messaging app, or you can go to one of the branches. Once you have submitted your documents, and they have been approved, the technician will make an appointment with you for the installation date. The documents required are as follows:

  • Passport
  • Proof of residence (work permit/house registration/lease agreement etc.)
  • You might be required to take a picture of your face and send it by Line

Getting and installing internet in your condo is relatively easy in Thailand, as long as you have the proper required documents. If you do not have the correct documents, then you can also ask one of your Thai friends to register for you.

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