Overstay And Go To Jail in Thailand

We're aware that Thailand is a stunning and captivating country, and you might be inclined to extend your stay a bit longer. BUT Overstaying a visa in Thailand is a serious offense that can result in fines, bans and even detention. We strongly advise against it. Let's examine the penalties and bans that come with overstaying your visa.

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The Consequences of Overstaying

Overstaying a visa in Thailand means staying beyond the permitted duration as stamped in your passport. For instance, if you arrive on a 60-day tourist visa on September 1st, you must leave by October 29th. Failure to do so constitutes overstaying, which is illegal and comes with severe consequences.

Penalties for Overstaying 

Overstaying even by one day is considered illegal, and those caught face penalties that include:

  • A fine of 500 THB per day, with a maximum limit of 20,000 THB (for overstay of 40 days or more).
  • Overstaying for 90 days or more can result in deportation and a ban from re-entering Thailand.
  • An overstay stamp on your passport, which may affect future visa applications in Thailand and other countries.

When voluntarily reporting to airport immigration upon departing Thailand:

  • Overstay of less than 90 Days results in a 500 THB/day fine (with a maximum of 20,000 THB).
  • Overstay of more than 90 Days incurs a 1-year ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine.
  • Overstay of more than 1 Year leads to a 3-year ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine.
  • Overstay of more than 3 Years results in a 5-year ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine.
  • Overstay of more than 5 Years imposes a 10-year ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine.

However, if caught overstaying by the authorities:

  • Overstay of 1 day to 1 Year leads to a 5-year ban from Thailand and a fine ranging from 500 to 20,000 THB.
  • Overstay exceeding 1 Year results in a 10-year ban from Thailand and a 20,000 THB fine.

How Thaikru Can Help: 

Thaikru is a valuable resource for individuals seeking assistance with various visa-related matters in Thailand. Our services include:

  • Visa Services: We can help you navigate the complex visa application process, ensuring you have the right visa for your stay in Thailand.
  • 90-Day Reporting: We can assist with the mandatory 90-day reporting requirement, helping you stay compliant with Thai immigration regulations.
  • Visa Extensions: If you need to extend your visa to prolong your stay, we can guide you through the extension process.
  • Visa Renewals: When your visa is about to expire, we can help with the renewal process, ensuring you can continue your stay legally.

Important Note

It's crucial to understand that if you cancel your Work Permit in Thailand, your visa will be canceled simultaneously. In such cases, you must leave Thailand within 24 hours to avoid overstaying and the associated penalties.

Overstaying a visa in Thailand can lead to severe consequences, including fines and bans. Again, we warn you, DO NOT TRY; it won't be worth the risk! Remember, following the rules is the best way to have a stress-free stay in Thailand.


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