Visa options in Thailand for a year or less?

Here's how to stay a year or less in Thailand if you are under 50 and don't want to start a business, get a job, or even retire.

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Want to stay in Thailand for more than three months and up to a year?

Options are not that great if you don't want to retire and don't want to get a job, go to school, retire or start a business in Thailand. So what to do?

90 days

The best way to do this is still to get a 60 day Tourist Visa from outside of Thailand and then apply for a 30 day extension in Thailand. After this time, you can make a quick flight to Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, Malaysia or Indonesia and get another tourist visa. Rinse and repeat up to 5 times per year. Get this Visa.

3 Months + Extension

The "O" visa is good if you want to visit your wife or other Thai family here. This lasts for 3 months and you can potentiall request an extension for 3 more months at a time. And if you are want to stay a longer time, you can apply for a one year extension for Volunteer, Marriage, Education or Retirement. Get this visa.

3 to 9 Months

Finally, for stays between 3 and 9 months, the STV visa is still the best bet. You do have to prepay where you are staying for at least 3 months though. And you cannot transfer to another visa. But its a great way to explore Thailand and figure out if you want to stay here long term. Get this visa.

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