Long term Health Insurance in Thailand?

What about health insurance long term in Thailand?

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We all know about the travel insurance you need to get your Thailand Pass and to enter Thailand.

But what about insurance now that you've settled into the Kingdom long term?

You might have watched a couple of our videos and even experienced the world class Thai health care system. But even though the care is good, public hospitals can be quite crowded. And private hospitals, even though much less cost that in the west, can still be fairly expensive depending on the procedures.

The problem is even more acute for older retirees who need to have some kind of insurance. Many companies will not offer policies to those over 80 years old.

But believe it or not, If you are working in Thailand (or in some cases own a business), you actually can get social security and access to the free or low cost health insurance that is avalable to all Thai citizens.

For everyone else, it is prudent to get some health insurance while you are living in Thailand. It's important to get a quote, since the cost of insurance will depend on your age, requirements and state of health. 

Policies are actually available for almost any age.

Get a quote here.

And if you have any questions about living in Thailand long term, please just hit the reply button to ask me.

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