What are the correct procedures and requirements for a newly retired individual planning to move to Thailand from Atlanta, Georgia?

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Case Summary

In this case, an individual from Atlanta, Georgia has recently retired and wishes to relocate to Thailand. They already have a one-way ticket to Bangkok arranged for April 6th. However, they are facing some confusion about the visa process. They've heard that they can fly into Thailand without a visa and apply for a retirement visa within 30 days of arrival, or enter with a tourist visa and change it upon arrival. They've also read that they need to have 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank two months before arrival and are considering opening a Citibank account in Bangkok upon arrival. They reached out to Thai Kru for guidance.

Thai Kru's Response

Thai Kru advised the individual that they seem unprepared and strongly recommended reviewing their plans. They pointed out that without a valid non-immigrant visa, the individual might not be allowed to enter Thailand or possibly even board their flight. An individual cannot apply for a retirement visa while in Thailand on Visa Exempt status or Visa on Arrival; they must already have a non-immigrant visa before arriving.

Thai Kru also clarified that while it is possible to arrive with a non-immigrant tourist visa (valid for 60 days), this must be acquired before leaving the US, and the application process usually requires proof of a return flight or onward travel. Considering the short time until the individual's flight, Thai Kru suggested two options: postponing the flight and starting again with proper preparation or contacting the Thai Consulate in Georgia immediately to explore options.

They recommended postponing the flight and applying for a 60-day non-immigrant visa with multiple entries valid for one year. Upon arrival in Thailand, the individual should visit the local Immigration Office or a trustworthy Visa Agent to apply for a Retirement Visa. Lastly, they clarified that it's not possible to link Citibank accounts in different countries and suggested using a money exchanger like Wise for transferring funds to a Thai bank account.


Thai Kru can provide valuable advice and assistance in such situations, helping individuals navigate the complex processes of securing visas, making travel arrangements, and preparing for long-term stays in Thailand. From this case, it's evident that Thai Kru's expertise can help prevent potential complications and ensure smoother transitions to life in Thailand.

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