What is the recommended amount of cash to carry for daily expenses on a trip to Thailand, given the preference for cash payments?

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Case Study: How Much Cash to Carry for a Thailand Holiday?

In this case, a potential traveler to Thailand was seeking advice on how much cash they should carry for daily expenses, given their preference for using a travel money card or Visa for most purchases. They wanted to know if businesses in Thailand still preferred cash payments and if they would need cash for tips, dinners, or tourist trinkets. They were also curious about whether the impact of COVID-19 had led to a shift in payment preferences towards cards. The most recent information they had found on this subject was 6 years old, so they were unsure about the current situation.

Responding to their query, Thai Kru clarified that cash is still the dominant form of payment in Thailand, particularly outside of shopping malls and high-end restaurants. The company recommended that the traveler bring the amount of cash they intend to use, along with a debit card for withdrawing additional funds at ATMs if needed. Thai Kru also advised that travelers from nearby Southeast Asian countries could potentially use QR code payments with e-wallet apps.

Thai Kru further noted that while the traveler had researched an average daily expenditure of around 4000 baht, this amount could be significantly higher than necessary, depending on the traveler's plans and preferences. For example, Thai Kru mentioned that 4000 baht per day would be ample for someone planning to stay at a high-quality BnB, eat Western food daily, take paid tours, enjoy massages and spa treatments, and buy numerous souvenirs. However, from their experience of recent trips to Thailand, they suggested that an average daily expenditure of around 2500 baht could be sufficient for someone staying at an average hotel, eating at average restaurants, renting a scooter, getting a massage every other day, and paying the foreigner entry fee at some popular tourist spots.

In conclusion, Thai Kru can provide valuable insight and advice for travelers planning a trip to Thailand. Their local knowledge and understanding of the country's customs and practices can help travelers to budget appropriately and prepare effectively for their trip. They can also assist with securing travel arrangements, preparing itineraries, procuring visas, and finding accommodation and other necessities for people wishing to visit, retire to, or work in Thailand.

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