What visa options are available for a UK citizen with a Thai wife and children planning to move back to Thailand permanently?

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Case Study: UK Citizen Moving to Thailand with Thai Family

The original case here involves a 43-year-old UK citizen who has been living with his Thai wife and two children in the UK for approximately seven years. They are now considering moving back to Thailand permanently and are seeking the best visa options to facilitate this. The individual is also interested in starting a business in Thailand, and thus securing a work permit. He is unsure about the current visa landscape as it seems to have changed since he last checked. He specifically wants to know if he can secure a visa that allows him to just do a 90-day report at immigration instead of needing to leave and re-enter the country every three months.

In response to this query, Thai Kru advised that the individual should apply for a year-long multi-entry Non-O visa based on his marriage to a Thai citizen, which can be obtained through the Thai consulate in London via their eVisa web portal. This visa would allow him to stay in the country for 90 days at a time, after which he would need to leave and re-enter Thailand to get a new 90-day stamp. If he plans the dates carefully, he could potentially get up to 15 months of stay out of this one-year visa.

Furthermore, Thai Kru suggested that once in Thailand, he should open a bank account in his name and deposit at least 400,000 baht. After maintaining this balance for two months and providing proof of funds, he could apply for a year extension based on marriage at his local immigration office. This would then enable him to do the 90-day reporting without needing to leave the country every three months. To start a business, he could apply for the relevant business permits once in Thailand.

Thus, Thai Kru can help this individual navigate the visa application process, arrange all necessary travel and accommodation, and provide assistance with starting a business in Thailand. Whether it's securing the right visa, finding suitable housing, or navigating the legal landscape for starting a business, Thai Kru's comprehensive services can ensure a smooth transition for this family moving back to Thailand permanently.

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