What You Need to Know about 90 Day Reporting in Thailand

Are you planning to stay in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand for over 90 days? It's essential to understand the rules and requirements for notifying the immigration authorities about your extended stay. Let's break it down in simple terms.

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Why Notification is Important

According to the Immigration Act, B.E. 2522, if you're a foreigner with a temporary stay permit in Thailand and plan to stay for more than 90 days, you must notify the immigration officer every 90 days. This is to ensure that the authorities are aware of your continued presence in the country.

How to Notify

You have 3 options for notifying immigration:

  • In Person: You can visit the immigration office yourself or authorize someone else to do it for you. Make sure to do this within 15 days before or after your 90-day period expires.
  • Registered Mail: If you prefer not to go in person, you can send the required documents by registered mail through Thailand Post. Ensure you send the mail at least 15 days before your 90-day period ends.
    Postal Address :
    90 Days Report Section , Sub-division 2, Immigration Division 1, Chalermprakiat Government Complex  (B Building) , 120 Moo 3 , Chaengwattana Rd., Soi 7, Toongsonghong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210
  • Online Notification: For convenience, you can also notify immigration online by following the terms and conditions of the service on the official immigration website at www.immigration.go.th under "Online Services."
    The online service for 90-day notifications does not support individuals who have recently obtained a new passport. In such cases, the foreigner must initially make the notification in person or delegate someone to do it at the local immigration office where they reside. Subsequent 90-day notifications can then be done online.

Required Documents for In-Person Notification

If you choose to notify in person, you'll need the following documents:

  • Your Passport
  • Departure card (TM.6)
  • Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if applicable) Example
  • A completely filled-in notification form (TM.47) signed by you (not someone else)
  • Required Documents for Notification by Registered Mail

For notification via registered mail

You'll need these documents:

  • Photocopies of specific passport pages (front page, current visa, last entry stamp, and last extension of visa)
  • Photocopy (front-back) of your departure card (TM.6)
  • Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if applicable, use the original documents)
  • A completely filled-in and signed notification form (TM.47)
  • An envelope with a 10 Baht stamp affixed and your return address for the immigration officer to send back the lower part of form TM.47.
  • Make sure to send these documents by registered mail at least 15 days before your 90-day period expires and keep proof of sending.

Where to Notify

The location for notification depends on your residence:

  • For Bangkok residents, go to the 90 Days Report Section, 2nd Floor, Muang Thong Thani Temporary Service Center. Map
  • If you've previously completed the 90-day report, you have the option to visit the One Stop Center for Visa and Work Permits, situated at the Chamchuri Square Building in Bangkok. Map
  • For residents in other provinces, notify the local Immigration Office in your area.

Important Notes

  • This notification is not a visa extension.
  • Failure to notify on time can result in a 2,000.- THB fine.
  • If you're arrested for not notifying, you may face a 5,000.- THB fine with additional daily fines.
  • Leaving and re-entering Thailand restarts the 90-day count from the re-entry date.
  • Remember, keeping immigration informed about your stay is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable time in Thailand. So, plan ahead, follow the rules, and enjoy your extended stay in this beautiful country!

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