What was my dating experience in Thailand?

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Kurt Conover

Now, i'm not the best looking 59 year old Jamaican guy in the world.

But what I lack in the looks, i make up in confidence and accomplishments.

So when I came back to Thailand in 2018, my hopes were high which led me to downloaded Tinder.

Sidebar - here is a secret that no one wants to admit. Most guys of every age coming to Thailand are looking for love again. We've been through the wringer back home: divorce, broken hearts, losing children, losing everything, being ignored -- in every country, and I was no exception.

So what was my experience like?

I have to say I dated a lot of girls. And many times I deleted my Tinder or Thai Friendly account because it was too much of a distraction and I wanted to get work done.

I have to admit to you, dear reader, there was a certain week -- about a year in -- when I was in my condo and I had a different date every night off of Tinder. And it was then that I knew that this had got to stop.

So I tried longer term dating.

But In the end it was not that much different than at home. Women are women and men are men everywhere in the world. It's just human nature. The only differences are culture, language and skin tone.

And I ended up asking myself "Eric, what do you want??".

I ended up formulating these requirements:

Because of that, filtering out people is very easy now. 

I'm up-front about that and it makes navigating the dating scene and selecting women easier. You know up-front after a few simple questions if its just fun or something serious.

Makes life a hell of a lot easier.

We've partnered with matchmaking companies here in Thailand who have a good experience with finding life partners with foreigners like yourself.

And importantly, we have a lot of experience seeing the red flags you missed.

Don't get sour on Thailand because you chose wrong. There are plenty of absolutely fantastic women here.

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Ericson Smith
Thai Kru