Can you really work remotely in Thailand?

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Let's get real...

Most people cannot work remotely. And only about 12% of jobs are capable of working remotely. Also, more than likely even if you can work from home, your employers do not permit you to work outside of your country or outside of your time zone.

So if you can do it, you are one of the few luck people who can.

So how can you do it in Thailand?

Get permission
Ask your employers to let you work from home outside of your time zone for 3 months. Most employers will not have a problem with you doing this, so long as you can be available during some portion of your time zone. Don't make the conversation about you. Make the conversation about how you will be better working for them.

Plan each day
If you're in the USA, your timezone will be at least 12 hours behind Thailand. So make a good plan that will please your employers. I have a team in the EST timezone and they know i am reachable until midnight Thailand time. So we work around that limitation.

Get a Tourist Visa
Apply for a 60 day tourist visa. This allows you to be stable in Thailand for 90 days (with a 30 day extension). You don't have to do any border runs and can relax, work and play for 3 months at a time.

Contact Thai Kru
We'll prepare your 60 day visa, help with your extension, find a long-term place for you to stay and be your support system in Thailand.

Happy remote working!

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