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All the long-term plans you have for Thailand, might just blow up in your face. Especially if you've spent less than 2 weeks at a time here.

Thailand is not for everyone.

Let's be clear, a lot of people have left with a bad taste of Thailand in their mouth. The've left with broken hearts, lost money, did not like the culture, hated the food, never could assimilate or found the language too hard to learn.

And it's not their fault.

So what's the best way to figure out if Thailand will work for you?

Spend 3 months there.

It's easy to close up your house for a few months, get a pet sitter and travel for a few months, instead of shutting down things, selling off everything and making a permanent move that might not work.

3 Months is the perfect amount of time to figure out if Thailand will work for you.

We'll setup 3 of the most productive months in Thailand for you...

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