$300 for you Thai retirement visa?

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"Great Services."

Yaj Thaiv

That can't be real.

Yeah, we would say so too. After all, do it in Thailand and you'd be paying up to 10 times more.

But the little known secret is that you can do your retirement visa before you even arrive in Thailand.

No bank account needed in Thailand
No transfers
No "seasoning" of funds.

You get your "O-A" retirement visa from the comfort of your home country, then arrive in Thailand already set for one year.

Easily open multiple bank accounts, live anywhere in Thailand you like, travel in and out as much as you want, have a great time, then renew your retirement visa the next year inside of Thailand.

Rinse, repeat.

Save a ton of money that you can use to settle into Thailand, instead of paying an expensive agent in Thailand.

$300 USD. Think about it.

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Thai Kru