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We all have the dream...

Move to Thailand, find a new love and live happily ever after.

After all, we've probably got our heart broken in the west. Been divorced. Separated from our children. Lost everything. And have had to start all over again.

But I see a lot of dudes making the same mistake...

  1. Move to Pattaya (or somewhere like it)
  2. Date a woman in the tourist areas
  3. Fall in "love"
  4. Get fleeced, cheated on, and go home with a bad taste of Thailand.

There are a lot of channels that warn you about this stuff, but most guys don't listen.

That's why, one of the services we offer is to help you with your dating life in Thailand. From dating site profile checks, profiling the women you meet, and background checks, to be successful with love in Thailand you do have to be very careful.

Yes, there are a lot of beautiful and great women in Thailand.

But a consequence of Thailand being one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, is that a lot of relationships can be very transactional.

So you do have to dive in with your eyes open and pay attention to the red flags.

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