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"I had watched their YouTube videos and contacted them with a question about visa services. They were a great help in getting my Special Tourist Visa. Most likely I wouldn't have gotten the approvals in time, and I would have had to reschedule my ..."

Jon H.

Who is this good for?

Cheap Charlies.

The term most likely originated with American G.I.'s who were unwilling to spend lavishly on bars, resturants or prostitutes.

These guys were smart. Military pay in those days were pretty low. They had to send money back home to a wife and probably some kids while making deployment bearable.

Fun fact, Pattaya, Thailand got famous because of American military personally who had R&R in Thailand away from the Vietnam war.

My point is this...

Being a "Cheap Charlie" is a good thing. No one knows how hard you had to work for your money. So why should they be the ones to tell you how to spend it when you visit or retire in Thailand?

You should be looking the most value always.

Whether you're staying in Thailand for just a few months, or planning to retire here, we can help you be an invisible Cheap Charlie by finding absolutely amazing condos, great food, most cost effective health instuance and live a "cheap" but amazing and enjoyable life in Thialnd.

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Then prepare and send you a detailed written plan at the end.

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