How long do you want to STAY in Thailand?

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How long do you want to stay in Thailand?

Every day we get emails asking us what is the right kind of visa to get. And it's a very good question, because Thai visa laws can either be straightforward or arcane.

Either way, here's your quick primer, based on how long you want to stay...

30 Days or Less
Assuming you belong to one of these countries, you can just pack your bags, buy a return ticket and come to Thailand. No visa required. Once here, you can get another 30 day extension, so that's a potential 60 days for you.

60-90 Days
At this point you do need to get a Tourist visa. You can get this online, ask Thai Kru to help you, or visit the nearest Thai embassy. Get this 60 day visa, then have another 30 days extension while you're here, and that's your 90 days.

90 Days to a few months
Do the 60-90 day plan above, exit to Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia and get another 60 day visa, then repeat the whole thing again. You can do this for a few years, then you might get questioned at the border after a while.

1 Year or more
This is the big one. If you are 50 years or older, you can get a 1 year retirement visa. If you are younger, then you have the Elite Visa, or the Long Term Resident Visa.

Stay Permanently
The only way you can get permanent residence in Thailand, is to start a business or get a job here. Basically Thailand wants to see you paying taxes at a certain level for at least 3 consequitive years and you can apply for permanent residence. No more visas, no more hassle. You can't do that with any other visa.

... Ahhhh well, that's not entirely true, because if you are a woman and you marry a Thai male citizen, you automatically get citizenship in 2 years. So ladies???

Lets talk! We will be happy to get you the perfect visa for your situation.

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