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Who is this good for?

I could be retired in Thailand.

After all, I'm 59 years old and meet all the requirements. But i'm a businessman by heart and I love helping people, building things, and making money - (after all, I am a capitalist).

But for many people, retirement is difficult. Sure, there may be some savings and investment income, but its never enough and you're always scared of running out of money during your golden years.

So how can you make money as a retireee in Thailand if your pension or money is never enough?

Let's walk through a few ways. But remember, none of them deal with you making money from Thai sources (that would not be legal).

Part Time Remote Job
If you can pull off working remotely for a company back in your home country, this is ideal. Work a few days a week, or a few hours a day and get paid a lower salary, this is ideal. Because you never have to touch that retirement money sitting in a Thai bank that you need to have for next years renewal. This i perhaps the easiest one.

Youtube/Social Media
Many retirees have youtube channels that show their lifestyle in Thailand. This one is a bit of a grey area. There has been a bit of talking about it over the years, but no one has done anything, becuase if your income for Google of Facebook or X is being deposited into some bank account in your home country, its hard to tax it.

Remote Business
This one is a bit difficult, but is a bit easier to pull off and possibly more lucrative, but takes a bit more work. You've done a lot of work in your years and no doubt have a lot of experience. Why not turn that into good use as some kind of consultant or infomation product?

Let me give you an example - suppose you did landscaping for many years... how can you turn that into consulting or an information product? Start a blog about landscaping, offer a free e-book and build your mailing list. Tell people you will consult with them on their garden so they get optimum results. You charge a reasonable online consulting fee. Profit.

Start a business in Thailand
Thailand is a land of opportunity, so long as you pick the right partner and have a good business idea. Big country, lots of services needed and many foreigners too. However, you would need to switch your retirement visa to a business visa. This is where you can take out that 800,000 and invest it in a business instead. In our opinion, and better use of the money.

One thing we always tell ourselves here at ThaiKru, everyone has some marketable skills.

Let me help you discover a great way how you can make some money in these years!

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