How to run a REMOTE business in Thailand

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"I contacted this company thinking they could help me arrange a border run, but that's not part of their business. Still, they talked to me for ten minutes and kindly answered all of my questions. I was very impressed by their customer service even..."

Thomas Nohejl

Who is this good for?

Sometimes you don't want a business visa...


What would having a registered company and bank account in Thailand mean for you?

Just think of the possibilities...

And when you're ready, your own company can sponsor you for a business visa and work permit so you can live permanently in Thailand.

It's turning the Digital Nomad experience around in a diferent way. And setting up options for yourself and your family for the future.

We can get your company and bank account opened -- in just a few days.

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Ericson Smith
Thai Kru
Bangkok, Thailand

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