I just came back from 2 months in Vietnam...

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Remo di rocco

I love Vietnam.

Just as much as I love Thailand.

Growing up in a small village in Jamaica in the early 70's, I read a lot of war comics (remember those?) heard a lot about the war, and read a lot about Vietnam. 

To be honest, I did not pay any attention to "sides" in the war. My young mind was not that sophisticated.

And for a long time, Vietnam was out of my mind... a distant unattainable thing.

Until 2018.

I first visited Saigon, then Hue in the middle of the country.

But what did it for me was Hanoi. I could walk endlessly and get carelessly lost in the dusty streets of the old quarter. Modern Vietnam just has this sense of style that is hard to beat anywhere else in the world.

Hanoi was like an older conservative city that wraps a modern wildly beating heart.

What did it for me though, was the Vietnamese people.

To be honest, I was never welcomed as much as I did in Hanoi as anywhere else in the world.

If I was ever lonely, I would just sit in any park for a while, and just wait. Curious people would come up to talk and from that i would be invited to coffee, meals or exchange numbers.

I found countless friends (and one employee) this way.

You should really check it out!

I'll never stop loving Thailand. But when I need a change of pace, I'll go spend a few weeks or months in Vietnam.

It's the perfect palette cleanser.

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Best regards
Ericson Smith
Thai Kru