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I was born in a small Jamaican village.
My father was an artist and my mom sold his art and creations.

They did pretty well, and I grew up in a very good 2 parent home.

But one of the things my father did, was taught us how to read at an early age, and we got books for birthdays and Christmas.

Books about Asia always fascinated me!

And one day, quite accidentally, after 20 years of living in the USA and becoming an American, after being burned out from my high stress tech-bro job, a friend mentioned that she visited Thailand.


It never even came up on my radar before.

But here I was, living on Miami Beach. In a great job, doing the thing I always wanted to do, and i'm asking myself, "is this what life is all about"?

So I booked a month in Thailand after a smidgen of research.

And said to my boss and co-workers, in my best Arnold impression: "I'll be back". 

But I didn't go back.

In fact sitting at the pool in Koh Samui on a beautiful weekday afternoon in 2009, just 2 weeks later, I penned my resignation letter and hit Send.

And that was the last time I worked for anyone.

It took me another 10 years to redesign my life and start a business so I could work from anywhere in the world, anytime I wanted. Whether it's in my home in Jamaica, on Koh Chang in Thailand, or in a small village in Nin Binh Vietnam.

But here I am now.

And you could do the same thing. For a lot less than you think.

That salary or pension that you have is more than enough to give you a good life in a place like Thailand.

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I leverage my experience in Immigration, travel, business, dating and living in Thailand to help many people like you make an informed decision.

It's more possible than you think!

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