Stay 3 months in Thailand, only $3,900

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"Baan Smile are courteous and knowledgeable on all aspects of coming to Thailand. They won’t hold back on suggesting all options that you may have even if you can do yourself. Thanks Apiporn."

Charles Munchow

Who is this good for?

You want a break from your home country.
Or you want to work remotely for a while.
Or you want to try out Thailand before making it permanent.

Stay 3 months, and for one simple price we give you:

All for one single price of $3,900 USD.

Amenities include pool, TV, gym, great security and nearby food, trains, taxis and shopping.

All you have to buy is your food, drinks, transport and entertainment. And you get our amazing concierge service - that can help you get anything you want in Bangkok.

It’s cheaper than living at home, and the perfect way to start your South East Asia adventure.

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Ericson Smith
Thai Kru