The best way to STAY in Thailand permanently is.....

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"Very professional and very friendly. They are very acknowledge about Visa, Thailand etc."

Pierre Deschesnes

A business.

That's right. It's not retirement, marriage, elite visa, LTR (Resident Visa) or an education visa.

The only thing that can give you Thai permanent residence, is a job or a business. You need to be making money and paying taxes in the kingdom of Thailand - at a current personal income rate of 80,000 THB per month for at least 3 years.

Anyone wth even a bone of entrepreneurship in their body can do that.

Because, as we know, the secret to Thailand is MONEY.

Here's the recipe to do it:

We've helped start several businesses in Thailand and it's not hard! Your main problem is not the visa. It's not the paperwork. It's a good business idea and great marketing.

There is no special formula for doing business in Thailand, because it's not that different from doing business in your country.

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Ericson Smith
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