What happened when I got sick in Bangkok? (And how much I paid)

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Dan D

Getting sick in Thailand is not fun.

Even though, at 59, I'm a relatively healthy person with no major health problems, I've had to hit the hospitals in Bangkok a couple of times for minor issues.

And just in case you want to know, my go-to hospital is Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital.

I've gone for a lump in my leg (turned out to be benign fatty lipoma), kidney stone, prostate checkup (finger up my bum), and a few other minor things.

Service is truly fast! In a few minutes you're checked in and on the way to seeing one or more specialists. Side note, the nurses are plentiful and truly beautiful - I fell in love a few times. 

For the Lipoma I had to do a lengthy, 90 minute MRI, ultrasound of my balls, blood tests and seeing 2 specialists - which cost about $500 USD in total.

For the Kidney Stone issue I paid about $100 USD for testing and seeing the specialists.

At one time my daughter had to go to the emergency room because she had extermely sudden high temperatures -- that one was about $75 USD in total for treatment and medications.

In all cases service was very amazing. Treatment was excellent and you get your prescriptions on the way out.

Samitivej Hospital is a step below the more famous Bumrungrad Hospital, which I did not go to, because Samitivaj is closer to my home and arguably just as good.

Now I have a long term visa in Thailand, but what if you dont?

Or what if you need someone to help you get your visas, extensions and just to walk you through the hospital system here?

That's why we have our City Helper Service.

Amazing people who will help you with anything you need in Thailand, from going to the immigration for you (if you are too sick to go), to helping take you to the hospital, or maybe just doing some shopping for you if you have to recuperate at home.

I've used my wealth of expereince in Thailand to put together services that can help you really thrive here.

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Ericson Smith
Thai Kru