50% of retirees leave Thailand. Why?

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Remi Di Rocco

I read something worrying recently.

More than 50% of retirees end up leaving Thailand and going back home.


Imagine a person who worked all their life, then finally stopped working, moved to a different country and started another phase of life. There are numerous reasons why just grabbing the cheapest retirement visa and hunkering down in a condo is not going to make life better.

Here are some big reasons why...

Even tough men who worked hard for decades need connection with people. Most guys do not learn the language, only hang around with people like themselves and never make any real Thai friends. And because the social circle never expands, there are very few new experiences to keep life interesting.

Romantic failures
My friends, this is a huge reason. People come here with the intention of starting over their love life, and end up with something totally transactional. While some relationships work, those are few and far between. Even worse, they end up with someone who works in the "entertainment industry" who takes them for a total ride. Nothing hurts more than leaving home with a broken relationship and coming to Thailand to have another one.

Paradoxically, I've heard of this one more often than I imagined. Some people cannot handle the hot Thai summers, the rainy season and the bad air quality in the burning season. There is something deeply comforting about having more than 2 seasons.

Thai food is among the best in the world. But some people cannot handle it. And some people are downright allergic or cannot handle the spices. And to make genuine Thai friends means you do have to eat Thai food. It is such a central part of life here that the first words that people ask when they see you is "did you eat?".

But perhaps the biggest problem is not having a mission. No purpose. No reason to be here. If you have a mission, then connections, romance, weather and food will be just background noise. These things will not matter if you have a reason to live.

People come  to Thailand and don't even take up a hobby.

I've met guys who decided to photograph every one of the 77 provinces in Thailand. Others who decided to take up diving. More who decided to deeply learn Muay Thai. Others who started going to school to learn Thai. Some who started businesses here (like myself). And others who decided to ride around all of Thailand on motorbikes or finally get healthy and in shape.

Sitting at a bar or watching CNN in a condo every day is not a mission.

You might just end up going back home with your tail between your legs.

Best regards
Ericson Smith
Thai Kru

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