Condos in Thailand: Everything you always wanted to know

Looking for a condo in Bangkok? Don’t be intimidated. Here are all the things you need to consider when choosing a place to live. And some examples.

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“Which condo is the best for me?”

To make everything easier for you, we are here to answer all your condo questions. Here's all about how, where, how much and moving in.

#1 How to Find a Place to Live in Bangkok - Simple Guide

First thing first, you need to find the condo that works. Not only for your budget but your lifestyle as well.

In this article, we will give you tips and tricks on how to search for a place to live. And it might be simpler than you think.

These are things you need to consider.

  • Location.
  • Accessibility
  • Price

Easy, right? Just 3 things. Well… yes. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you. No matter what you do, don’t rush it.

Go slow. Give it some time. Best deals can be elusive, and you don’t want to find yourself regretting signing a contract one month later.

#2 Just how cheap is a Condo in Bangkok in 2022?

Now. Let’s discuss your favorite topic: money.

No matter how grand and luxurious a condo is, if you can’t pay for it, you can’t live there. This rule applies everywhere in the world.

So, is there a wallet-friendly condo in Bangkok? Of course, the answer is yes. 

There are thousands upon thousands of options when it comes to cheap condos. But as you know, a good price doesn’t always translate to good quality. That’s why you need a guide.

In this article, we will introduce you to the condos we find strike the best balance. From $300/month with cozy interiors to $480/month with stylish decorations.

#3 How to Buy a House or a Condo in Thailand

For those of you who want longevity, buying a condo or a house is a great option.

Not only does it eliminate the monthly headache, but buying a place to live gives you many other advantages. Like easier visas, flexible traveling plans, and much more.

But here’s the catch. Buying a property in Thailand is complicated. There are rules and laws that you need to know. And there are also loopholes to benefit from.

This article will give you everything you need to buy a property in Thailand. You might be a complete beginner now. Don’t worry. You will be a pro once you finish this 6-minute read.

#4 Condo for Rent $300 Cheap (but nice!) - Bangkok - 2021

Now. It’s time to go see the real thing.

If a cheap condo with a superb location and great facility is what you are looking for, The Gallery could be the one.

In this video, Chalida will give you a tour of this $300/month condominium. And let’s make it clear here, you get A LOT from this price.

The Gallery stands only 5 minutes away from Bearing BTS station. This makes it a perfect place for anyone who goes out frequently both during the day and night.

The nearby Seven Eleven also helps a ton. You can just walk outside and grab whatever you need at any time.

#5 Condo for Rent - $350 Bangkok 2021 | Where to rent, how to find

BTS Bearing is not to your liking? Let’s move closer to the city then.

In this video, Chalida will give you a list of condos around the city you can rent for under $350 a month.

You will see the actual room, the facilities, and also the location of each place.

All of these condos are close to a BTS or MRT station. Meaning: you don’t have to worry about getting around at all.

There’s more. She will reveal all the attractions and landmarks around each condo, so you can visit these places to your heart's content whenever you are free

#6 Condo for rent 1 bed 1 bath - Ashton Asoke 2021 - Bangkok, Asok BTS

Have a big budget? Then let’s step up the game a bit.

If you have been to Bangkok, you might have heard that Asok is the “rich” area of Bangkok. So, some of you might want to live there.

In this video, Chalida will explore the high-end Ashton Asoke with you.

Judging from the design and the material, you can already tell that this condo is built with luxury as the top priority

The space you get might be small, but the facilities more than makeup for it. The swimming pool, the fitness center, and even a built-in Seven Eleven. This couldn’t get more convenient.

And there you have it. We hope our tips and tricks can help you find your best condos. It might seem intimidating at first, but you will be okay. Just keep searching.

But if you need help, just click here. We will find it for you.

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