Can a foreigner gain permanent residence in Thailand.

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A foreigner can gain permanent residence in Thailand. You can do so after three straight years of a non-immigrant visa.

* Retirement visa
* Work visa
* Marriage visa

If you skipped a year you have to start again.

Then you must have ONE of these:
* Investment (3-10 Million THB)
* Working or Business in Thailand
* Support a family (wife, child under 20, etc)
* Expert or Academic
* Others as determined by Immigration

Most people reading this will probably be working, have a business or support a family.

There is an annual quota of 100 persons per country! So it could take quite a number of years to get it depending on the country you come from.

The residence permit never expires. But you do need a re-entry permit to travel in and out of Thailand.

And you can apply for citizenship after 10 years of being a permanent resident!

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