Heather G

Baan Smile is dedicated to the success of their clients moving to and living in Thailand. Baan Smile accompanied me to the Immigration Department and successfully completed my visa application process in a few hours with stamp in my passport. This happened a few days after my arrival into Thailand.

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"I contacted them when I realized I needed to get a 60 day visa in my own country, USA, before arriving in Thailand. They quickly responded to every email... I was very pleased with their service"

Brian Homer

Before my trip to Bangkok, Thailand, all of my email communications were promptly answered by Baan Smile staff. They also made available their WhatsApp phone numbers and offered to arrange a call convenient to me in my country. Information was also given on the available visas.

After my arrival in Bangkok, Thailand, Baan Smile kept in contact with me during my hotel stay. One of Baan Smile staff met me at the hotel I was staying and traveled with me by train to take care of business. We were met by another Baan Smile staff who assisted in getting business completed.

Baan Smile kept me informed of the requirements including documentation specific to my visa application. They were very thorough and checked  that all the information was correct and complete.

Baan Smile staff also went above what they were required to do when they called and arranged for a taxi to pick me up and take me to the location where I met them. This was done on two occasions. The picture of the driver, taxi and license plate were included each time.

Baan Smile also reached out to many agents for me during specific condo search. Staff explained how I could use account to pay bills and other vendors. Baan Smile staff told me that they will be my contact source in Thailand which is very reassuring. I informed my family in my country and they are glad to hear this.

Baan Smile and their dedicated staff are very knowledgeable about the visa application process. They are competent, professional, very thorough and did everything for me. They are pleasant, very easy to work with and made me feel comfortable to ask additional questions not related to the visa application process.

I trust Baan Smile and have recommended them to friends and family in my country and will use their services in the future. Thank you Baan Smile!