How to stay in Thailand indefinitely? (Updated)

Staying Indefinitely in Thailand is so much better, easier (and safer) than doing endless Visa runs. Here's why you should head down this path if you want to be here for 5 years or more.

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If you want to stay in Thailand for many years (or even forever). How can you do it?

Here at Thai Kru, we understand that there are 3 pathways to staying a long time in Thailand. For us a "long time" means 5 years or more. Let's examine what real options are available to you.

#1 Business or a Job

A good way to stay in Thailand indefinitely if you are under 50 years old is to get a job, or start a business. With this pathway, you can get a Non-B (Non Immigrant Business Visa) and a work permit. This allows you to work in Thailand, start a business, and if you make enough money (80,000 THB per month) for the past 2-3 years, apply for Permanent Residency and even Thai Citizenship.

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#2 Retirement

The next most popular way to stay in Thailand indefinitely is with a Retirement Visa. (O-A Visa). This visa can be renewed every year. If you are from one of 12 countries, you can also apply for the O-X visa which is renewable every 5 years. However you do have to be 50 years or older. And you do have to keep some money in your bank account in Thailand. This is one of the most popular options however for people who are done with the west.

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#3 Buy a Visa

If you have about USD$17,000, then you can buy a 5 year Elite Visa and just enjoy your time in Thailand. There are longer terms available up to 20 years and discounted packages to suit your whole family. If you do the math and have the money up-front, then it's actually cheaper to do this, than most of the other options.

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#4 Get Married

If you found love in Thailand, we are very happy for you and you will be joining many many people who got married and moved here. You can get a marriage visa which is renewable every year, and if you get a job in Thailand, then after 3 years you can apply for Permanent Residency and then citizenship.

#5 Long Term Visa (LTR)

Finally, there is the new Long Term Visa which was introduced in September 2022. Good for high income people who want to start businesses here, retire here or be Digital Nomads for large companies making around 50 Million USD per year in income.

If you want to see how one of these options might work for you, then get a consultation with us. We'll have a hour-long Zoom video call to explore all options that fit your case.

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