5 Tips to Avoid Thai Girlfriends Scammer

Are you tired of swiping left and right on Tinder, only to eventually meet a fake Thai girlfriend who requests money, claims to have domestic issues, and never reveals her face? After reading this blog, you'll never fall victim to scammers again!

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Importantly, it isn't only wasting time for nothing, but your little heart might get hurt if you're in love with a person who doesn't exist. To help you navigate the world of online dating safely, we've compiled 5 essential tips to protect your heart, your dream, and your wallet.

What looks real may not be real!

The first step to avoid dating scams is to research and verify the authenticity of the person you're communicating with. Please don't believe everything they tell you. She is a doctor?  Businessman? or a famous person who has to secretly have a relationship? Don't believe what they tell you until you see their surroundings. What hours does she work? What time does she leave work? Who are the co-workers? If she says she's a doctor but she can talk to you online for more than 18 hours a day. She was obviously lying! (Thai’s doctor do not have that much time)

P.S. randomly asking to see pictures of the workplace or atmosphere each day. After that, try searching them on Google to see if the picture is already on the internet or not. If so, you can block her immediately. 

Video Calls are Key

Today's innovations have made it easier to meet people face to face. It is a better way to talk to someone online with Video Call, because while you're talking, you can see how she reacts when you sing a Perfect song by Ed sheeran. You can ask her to turn on the camera to see her real beauty, her family, or her friends. They would love to do so, if they have nothing to hide. Thai people love to video chat with foreigners, greetings and smiling brightly. Hold on .....  if she tends to say no for the first time, don't get discouraged. Ask her on the day she puts on makeup or dresses up. Maybe she's not ready at first because there's no woman on earth who wants to show off her bare face for the first time on camera, right? But if you guys have been talking for more than 1 month and still haven't turned on the camera to talk. It is possible that you may be bringing tears to your little heart.

Avoid the word 'I love you, but...'

One of the most common tactics used by scammers is to ask for money. Nowadays, more people are aware of scammers = the scammers are more likely to come up with strategies to trick you, so I would like to advise you to be careful of the words, "I love you, but I have family problems that cost 10,000 baht or more to deal with." or the other reason for asking for money. Whether it's a sudden medical emergency, a family crisis, or any other sob story, be extremely cautious when your online partner requests financial assistance. Authentic Thai individuals in genuine relationships rarely ask for money from their foreign partners. If you're unsure, consult with friends or family members for a second opinion.

Use Popular Dating Platforms

To minimize your risk of falling for a scammer's trick or fake Thai girlfriends, use reputable dating platforms with strong verification processes. These platforms are more likely to attract individuals genuinely interested in finding meaningful connections. Avoid sketchy or obscure websites and apps, as they tend to include all scammers who know that they should attack your heart. Therefore, accessing an obscure website is like walking down a lonely road at night where you know it is not safe but you still do. Choosing a reliable platform reduces risk and saves time in talking because everyone comes for the same purpose. 

Learning Thai customs

If you want to have a Thai girlfriend or boyfriend, you need to learn some more about Thai culture. Most scammers, they are foreigners who try to use translation apps to trick you. If you learned about the customs that real Thai people do, the way they speak, communicate, the routines that they talk about when talking to you. True Thainess is always different from deception. If those things can represent a true Thai person, it probably means he/she is real. If you're not sure, try asking your Thai friends, or a professional assistant in Thailand (Thai Kru) to help because we have a team that is an expert in local Thai culture.

Online dating provides numerous opportunities to meet people from around the world, even if you're in the U.S.A and she's in Thailand. However, it also comes with certain risks, including the possibility of encountering scams or fake Thai girlfriends. By following these five essential tips – verifying and observing, engaging in video calls, being cautious with money requests, using reliable dating platforms, and learning Thai customs – you can significantly reduce your vulnerability and increase your chances of finding a genuine and meaningful connection. Remember that a pure-hearted person starting a relationship must have the same open and cautious mind as you. If it starts with feeling awkward or hidden, that would be a good answer for ending an online relationship.

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