Do I need a residence certificate to open a Thai bank account and can it only be obtained after my first 90-day report?

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Case Study: Opening a Thai Bank Account and Obtaining a Residence Certificate

The original query came from a client residing in Thailand on a Non O-A visa. He was unsure about the requirements for opening a local bank account, specifically whether he needed a residence certificate and if this certificate could only be obtained after his first 90-day report.

At Thai Kru, we clarified that the necessity of a residence certificate for opening a bank account can vary depending on the bank's policies. Some banks may open an account with just the visa and proof of lease, while others might require a residence certificate or even a work permit. Some banks may not require anything at all. For instance, Krungsri Bank in Bangkok is known for not requiring any residency proof.

Regarding the client's second question on obtaining the residence certificate, it was explained that in Bangkok, at least one 90-day report must have been filed to get a certificate of residence. This implies that the first 90-day report would be due 89 days from the date the client entered the country. However, there is an allowance to file this report two weeks early, meaning that he can file the 90-day report after being in the country for 75 days.

Immediately after filing the 90-day report at Chaengwattana's Section A, he can proceed to Section B to apply for a residence certificate. The cost is 200 baht, and the certificate will be mailed within five days via Thai Post EMS.

At Thai Kru, we are committed to providing tailored solutions for each client's unique needs. In this case, we were able to guide him through the process of opening a Thai bank account and obtaining a residence certificate. Our extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with visa issues, travel arrangements, and relocation needs in Thailand make us an ideal choice for anyone planning to visit, retire, or live in Thailand.

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