Funny Thai Names That You Need To Know Before Making A Big Mistake!

Explore funny Thai names that might make foreigners wonder or surprise. Thai names can sound like English words or have special meanings. Let's discover some amusing and interesting names of Thai people!

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The Thai name translates to "precious gem," but it is pronounced and spelled similarly to the English word "rat. Thai parents often give names to girls like Rattana, Sudarat, or Kanyarat as examples.


This name is considered very popular among Thai people. Some might use it as a nickname, and many individuals often have the words "Phorn" or "Porn" in their actual names. In fact, it's a highly auspicious name. In the Thai language, it means giving blessings or bestowing something sacred.


A name that might raise eyebrows among foreigners, as it sounds similar to "death" in English. However, in Thai, it signifies something quite different – "powerful" and "influential." It's a prime example of how pronunciation can lead to amusing misunderstandings across languages.


A Thai nickname, is pronounced similarly to the English word "ass." It signifies the creaking sound of a door being opened roughly. While it might sound weid and seem funny to English speakers because "ass" is another word for someone's backside but among older Thai individuals, the name Aet is quite common.


Short for "Football," Ball is a common Thai name for boys. Parents who enjoy watching or are fans of football might opt for this name. Although it's a regular choice for a Thai boy's name, it could spark a mischievous thought among those unfamiliar with the cultural context.


Although it might tickle your funny bone, this is a common Thai name that means "crab." So, next time you come across someone named Poo, try to keep a straight face! Considering its innocent meaning in Thai.


It means "fat" or "plump. It's often used as the beginning of first names like Peerapat or Peeraphong. Just imagine having a friendly conversation with someone named Pee – you might find yourself trying not to let out a chuckle!


It means shy in Thai or used when you feel blushing. You might feel like what? why your name is eyes haha which does not have the same meaning in English.


The Thai name "Noi" might make some foreigners chuckle. While it's pronounced similarly to "noise" in English, it actually means "small" or "little" in Thai. It's a playful twist of language!


The Thai name "Mhee" has a little linguistic trick when you first hear them. While it's pronounced similarly to "me" in English, it actually means "bear" in Thai. So, if you hear someone say "Mhee," Please double check if they're referring to themselves - or they're actually talking about a furry and powerful bear or their name!


It might sound like it's leading to a hilarious wordplay, it's all about a type of plant called Arenga pinnata in Thai. As it could be misheard as "Look-shit. It's just a playful example of how a name can surprise you with its pronunciation and meaning.


is a Thai name that means being considerate or careful. It's often used as the first name for boys. However, the pronunciation of "Pinit" might lead to a humorous twist for foreigners, as it sounds similar to "pee knit. lol


It means status, prestige. It’s a name used for Thai boys, such as Sittisak, Kittisak, or Weerasak. Interestingly, when pronounced in English, it might sound a bit like a certain word that involves the letters 's' and 'ck.' However, don't let the accidental similarity get you misunderstood – in Thai, the name carries a positive and honorable meaning.


Interestingly, in Thailand, 'Beer' isn't just something you drink. It's also used as a nickname! While it might remind you of the alcoholic beverage, rest assured that when you're talking to someone with this nickname, they're not offering you a drink. It's all in good fun!


Here's a fruity twist! 'Chompoo' refers to a Thai fruit known as 'rose apple' in English. But wait, don't get tangled up in the pronunciation – it might sound like 'shampoo' to your ears, but rest assured, they're not offering you a hair wash!


It means the same delicious treat you're thinking of: that round, sweet pastry. Thai people decided to name it 'Donut' because they found it cute and charming, just like the dessert itself.


Don't be misled by the name! Despite its English meaning, when you come across a Thai person named 'Earn' they're not trying to earn anything from you. It's simply a common Thai nickname with no ulterior motives, just a coincidence in translation.


This Thai name is a playful name to the sound cats make. In Thai culture, "meaw" is often used in a lighthearted or affectionate manner to mimic a cat's sound – a bit like the English "meow." It's a super cute choice for a name.


Normally, it's a nickname for people born in March. In Thai, March is called "Meena-kom." So, they get named Mean or Meen. However, not all of them are born in March. The name doesn't carry the same meaning as the English word "mean."

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