How to get a Marriage Visa in Thailand

There are several types of visas out there for people looking to live in Thailand, and they all have different requirements. One of them you might of heard of is the marriage visa. Though it may sound like it, it's not as simple as just putting a ring on it.

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What are the benefits of marrying a Thai wife or husband?

First, The marriage visa lasts a whole year without the need to leave Thailand. It can be renewed in Thailand each year and also gives you the right to get a work permit here in the kingdom. 

You and your wife can buy property in both your names.

You can get a work permit in Thailand based on your marriage visa.

You can get permanent residence or citizenship eventually in the kingdom.


Now you must be wondering how you can get one….

Well, first of all you must be married to a Thai

Then you need to get the marriage certificate (ror kor 3) and registration (ror kor 2). 

If you got married in a foreign country, make sure you go to your district office to report your marriage to get the appropriate documents (ror kor 22). 

But you have to have some money in order to qualify for a marriage visa, you did not think it was so easy, right?

  • You can have a 400,000 baht security deposit in a Thai bank account for at least 2 months before your application.


  • Or you must show that you have a monthly income of at least 40,000 baht which must be verified through a letter from the embassy of your home country.
  • If you are an American or UK citizen or you’re unable to get an affidavit from your embassy, a 12-month bank statement showing a minimum monthly deposit of 40,000 baht will also work.


Now these are the steps to apply for the marriage visa.

  • If you are not in Thailand, you can get a 90 day non-immigrant visa at the Thai embassy from your home country or neighbouring countries of Thailand.
  • Next, prepare all the documents required to apply for a “marriage visa” as we mentioned earlier.
  • Then you can apply for the visa at the immigration office at least a month before your visa expires as it can take up some time to get approved.
  •  Finally, If your documents are ok, you will get your marriage visa without having to leave the country.


So now your marriage visa is approved - congratulations!  

But a marriage visa is just like any other long term visa. So here are some things to remember!

  1. You still have to do the 90-day reporting, which means that you will still have to notify the closest immigration office of your current address/residence every three months.
  2. If you plan to leave Thailand, be sure to get a re-entry permit at the local immigration office or the international airport so that your visa will not be cancelled.
  3. Also, when it’s time to renew your visa a year later, you have to make sure you meet the financial requirements again.


And what if you get divorced?

If you have a divorce with your Thai spouse (make sad face), you have to leave the country immediately in most cases, yes you heard that right. 

So be sure to treat your wife right!


Can you become a permanent resident or a citizen?

In the case your marriage is successful (laughs), and you have had at least three extensions of the “marriage visa”, you will be able to apply for permanent residency status.

You can also get Thai citizenship if you have lived in Thailand for three years consecutively, have had three consecutive work permits from a Thai employer, have a minimum income of 40,000 baht per month, pay income tax and of course… remain married to a Thai citizen.


So How to find a Thai wife?

In Thailand, marriage is still an important thing and the divorce rate here is still low -- at only 39%.

As we always say at Thai Kru, learn a little Thai language, have mostly Thai friends, immerse yourself in the culture and your marriage will last a long time.


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