How to Stay Fit in Thailand

Whether you're traveling or settling down in Thailand, it is important to stay active. Especially in a country with such delicious food. The first thought that probably comes to your mind is having to join a gym. Though that is a good choice, it’s not the only option for staying fit. There are many ways to exercise.

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Joining fitness groups

Speaking of groups, a great way to stay in shape and also connect with locals and foreigners is by joining the fitness club. On apps like Meetup or Strava, you’ll find multiple fitness groups in all aspects of fitness. From Lumpini runners, Badminton meetups, Cyclists, Weight Loss groups, and more.

Going to the park

If you’ve lived in Thailand for a little while, or have done some travel research, then you have probably heard of Lumphini Park or Benjakitti Park. These popular parks are not only a great place to exercise but are a hub for many running and cyclist groups throughout Bangkok. Some parks as well provide public-accessible exercise machines for you to try.

Using the Stairs

If you live in a condo, you probably depend on an elevator to get up to your room. But don't forget about the stairs. Using the stairs is not only the perfect daily exercise but it provides numerous health benefits like improving blood circulation and increasing body resistance to diseases. 

One important part of doing exercise is not only staying in shape but having healthy cardiovascular health. The stairs are an easy and free way to take of this.

Walking around the neighborhood

The great thing about Thailand, and specifically Bangkok, is that there are many routes and walkways. Unlike the concrete jungles in some countries, the city is built for easy exploration. Even if there is not an official sidewalk in some alleys or roads, there is always room to walk on the side.

When walking around your neighborhood, you have two options of exercise:

Exploration-based and One Route.

Exploration-based exercise is when you explore the different roads around your neighborhood to get around. You might find you track a lot of kilometers this way,

The One Route way is done by making a loop from your house around an area. This makes you more confident in taking a neighborhood walk as you know the route well.

Joining the gym

Lastly, and the most obvious way to get exercise is relying on the gym. 

On average, a gym membership will run you around 1500 THB a month. A popular gym in Bangkok is Jetts 24 Hour Fitness. But if there are none near you, you’ll find that there are usually many local gyms around your residence. 

If you are a first-time gym-goer, then you might run into equipment you have never used before. Even if you don't speak Thai, don't be afraid to ask gym members or staff how to use the equipment. They will be more than happy to help you.

In the end, there really isn't much excuse to not exercise while in Thailand. With many affordable and free options, you will find yourself more invested in your health in fitness during our time here in Thailand.

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