Thailand RETIREMENT VISA "hoops"??

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Everyone keeps saying there are a lot of "hoops" to jump through for retirement in Thailand. But is this even true? We put a lot of confusion to rest in this newsletter.

Do I need health insurance to retire in Thailand?

The answer is yes and no. If you apply for the O-A visa outside of thailand (while in your home country), you will need the health insurance. However if you get the O-A "Extension of Stay" while Inside of Thailand, you do not need it. This is why we recommend to you that you arrive in Thailand on a tourist visa first, then get your "retirement extension" here in Thailand.

Even though you do not need the insurance to get the retirement visa while you are here in the Kingdom, we always think it is prudent to buy some health insurance when you begin your life here. Or if you already have great insurance from your home country that covers you internationally then you are all set anyway.  

How much paperwork is there, really?

If you process your retirement visa in Thailand, you do need to show a bank statement from a local bank account in your name with 800,000 THB inside of it and your passport. Don't forget you can only open a bank account while physically present in Thailand.

What, you thought there was more? There are no more "hoops" to jump through. One of the benefits of Thai Kru processing the retirement visa, is that we do all the paperwork so you don't have to. Just take the taxi ride to Immigration with Miss. P and you're done.

Do I need to get an "O" visa before I come to Thailand?

No. You can come to Thailand without a visa (via the 30 day stamp, if your country qualifies) or get a normal 60 day tourist visa. As we stated before, the retirement process is vastly easier without going through this step before coming. If you need more time with either kind of entry you can get a 30 day extension at the immigration office for 1,900 THB so you have more time to get your business in order.

What about a bank account and the deposit?

Yes, you do need money. You need to show that 800,000 THB in a local bank account. Don't worry, we will help you to open the bank account (it's in your name), then you can wire money into it.

Can I leave Thailand once I get my visa?

Yes of course. But please remember to buy a re-entry permit before you leave (1,000 THB for one entry, or 3,800 THB for multiple entries for a year). But as part of the process with Thai Kru, we ensure you get a multiple re-entry permit that lasts the whole year. This is great for those of you who only want to spend part of the year in Thailand. And now with vaccine-free entry coming online, its so much easier to travel inside and out without the hassle of quarantine.

How long does it take Thai Kru to get my retirement visa?

The process to get your visa takes a few days. In those few days we will help you open your bank account (1 day) and then process the visa itself (1 day). Of course, as quickly as you can wire the funds into your account, we can get started.

How much does it cost?

Not at much as you think! Please contact us directly to start talking about your retirement visa.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Canada! We look forward to seeing more of you here!

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