Top Thai Language Schools In Bangkok With Education Visa

These schools provide a full package, assisting you in obtaining a Thai Education visa, allowing you to stay for up to 1 year. Attent interactive classes, become fluent, and make friends with other international students.

Thai Kru is Rated 4.8 stars with 69 Google Reviews

Union Language School

They stated that they are the first, the best, and the preferred Thai language school in Bangkok and Thailand. With 67 Years of Experience Teaching Thai to Foreigners.

Course Fee:

  • 80 hours = 9,100THB/Month (Maximum 10 students per class)
  • 40 hours = 11,600THB/Month (Private Class 1-2 Students)

Sandee Thai Language Course - Our Courses

You will have the best experience in Thailand. Along with your Education Visa. You will get the chance to learn more about the Thai culture and language for your living advantages while seeing the exceptional beauty of the country.

Course Fee:

  • 8 month = 21,200 THB
  • 1 year = 31,800 THB

AAA Thai language 

AAA Thai language school in Bangkok was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004. By enrolling in the AAA Thai Language School, you will study from speaking to reading & writing up to advanced courses as well. You would be able to appreciate Thai culture and lifestyle and enjoy your stay in Thailand much more.

Course Fee:

  • Special Class 10 hours= 5,000THB
  • Regular Class 10 hours= 6,000THB
  • Flexi Class 1 hour = 700THB

Thai Solutions

Thai Solutions Accreditation by the Thai Ministry of Education has helped thousands of students learn Thai and build a life in Thailand since 2004. Both Private and Group Lessons Offered. Easy & Fast Education Visa processing. Courses in Multiple Languages.

Course Fee:

  • 4 month Course: 11,900 THB 
  • 8 month Course: 21,900 THB
  • 12 month Course: 27,900 THB

Pro School

Pro Life Skill Thai Language and Tutorial School (Pro School Bangkok) is an institution with standards. The course is properly approved by the Ministry of Education. Our teachers are experienced in teaching Thai to foreigners. Students will gain the ability to communicate easily with Thai people within a short period of time.

Course Fee:

  • Beginner level 120 hours = Registration fee 26,000THB
  • Intermediate evel 120 hours = Registration fee 36,000THB
  • Advanced level 120 hours = Registration fee 46,000THB

ALA Language School

ALA is a licensed language school with the Thai Ministry of Education. They can help our students obtain ED visas ranging from 3-14 months for Thai language courses, and 3-12 months for English language courses depending on your needs and payment flexibility. No more visa run headaches.

Phasorn Thai Language 

Learn Thai and English languages in Bangkok at PhaSorn Language School. They offer Thai and English courses with qualified native teachers in a relaxed and personalised learning environment. Come join the best language school in Bangkok where classes are both highly educational and enjoyable and let us assist you in achieving your language learning goals.

Course Fee:

  • Thai Private Class = Cost 14,700 baht (30 lessons)
  • Thai Private Class= Cost 18,300 baht (30 lessons)
  • Thai Group Lessons= Cost 9,000 baht (60 lessons)
  • Thai Group Lessons= Cost 6,600 baht (30 lessons)

Stay in Thailand for up to a year at a time with an Education Visa. Options include Thai Language school, Muay Thai School, Self Defense School, or even University.

Whether it's for 6 months, or a 4 year degree at one of Thailand’s world class Universities, we can get you started by helping find the best school for you, help you get enrolled and finally, prepare and submit your education visa. Please contact Baansmile for further needs and inquiry.

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