What are potential issues with our plan to travel to Thailand for work and apply for visas, and how can we improve it?

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Case Study: Travel and Visa Application Planning for Work in Thailand

The original case involved a couple planning to move to Thailand for work. The wife had secured a teaching job and they planned to travel there on tourist visas. Their plan was to stay in Bangkok for two nights to collect necessary documents from the employer, before flying to Laos to apply for the work visa. They had concerns about potential risks and downsides of their plan and sought advice to ensure they were not overlooking anything.

In response, Thai Kru advised that the wife could apply for her initial work permit online or at the Thai embassy in their home country, eliminating the need to fly into Bangkok on a tourist visa only to leave again. This change would save both time and resources. As for the husband's dependent visa, Thai Kru informed them that he would not be able to apply for his visa until at least 45 days after his wife had obtained hers.

Thai Kru further explained the process: The wife would obtain a Non-B visa valid for 90 days in Laos. She would have to let half of her visa expire, or 45 days, before she could apply for the 1 year Non-B visa. Once she received her 1-year Non-B visa, her company could provide the paperwork for the husband's application. This meant that he would be looking at approximately 50-60 days before he could apply for his Non-O visa as her spouse.

This case study highlights the importance of understanding visa regulations and processes when planning to work abroad. The couple's original plan was unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming due to their lack of knowledge. With Thai Kru's expertise, they were able to streamline their plan and avoid potential issues. For anyone looking to visit, retire, live long-term, or work in Thailand, Thai Kru can provide invaluable support in navigating travel arrangements, visas, accommodations and more.

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